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What Are The Best Balance Bikes For Kids & Toddlers?

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November 19, 2021

toddler and kids riding balance bikes

Buying a balance bike for your child is one of the best choices you could make since you’re helping them develop many important gross motor skills. However, there are many options available. Read on, and find out which models are the best ones on the market, and ensure you get the right one for your child.

Note: Some of the balance bikes we’ve reviewed may not currently ship to Australia due to global shipping issues. Please contact the vendor if you’re unsure. If you’re looking for larger kids bike, our article on what are the best kids mountain bikes may be what you’re looking for, or if you child is really young, a quality baby bike seat might be the go.

Best Balance Bike Brand - VULY

There a many brands available in Australia when it comes to balance bikes for kids. After looking at the all the reviews and data, we reckon VULY is the best brand available.

Australian made, owned and super high quality, you can't go wrong. Available to purchase purchase online here.

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars




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Our Top Individual Picks

Little Nation Balance BikesLittle Nation Balance Bikes
  • 12 inch wheels
  • 19 months to 5 years
  • Ultra lightweight
Check Price
Strider Sport Balance BikeStrider Sport Balance Bike
  • Adjustable seat
  • Built in footrest
  • Puncture proof tyres
Check Price
Hornet Airo Balance BikeHornet Airo Balance Bike
  • 6 colours
  • Sleek design
  • Lifetime warrant
Check Price

2 kids on a hip kids balance bike

Hip Kids Balance Bike

If you’re looking for the best balance bike for your kids to have fun and ride, this might be one of the ideal picks to choose. The model by Hip Kids can grow with your child, so it’s convenient for people who don’t want to buy a different bike after a few months of riding.

Most balance bikes don’t offer top features for both 18-month-old toddlers and older children, but this one is special since you can personalise its seat to match your kid’s needs. Your child can safely drive, and as they grow older, you can raise the seat and remove the third wheel.

Additionally, you can customise this balance bike with your child’s name. All you need to do is ask for the personalised sticker, wait for the pedal bike to arrive, and let your child enjoy their riding time.

Wooden balance bikes are immensely convenient, but this model offers fantastic advantages. Its sturdy frame ensures your child is always safe, which is why it’s one of the most trustworthy and secure items you could buy. Also check out our article on kids push trikes.

Wishbone’s RE2 Balance Bike

When you’re looking for the best balance bike on the market, you might come across Wishbone models, especially the RE2. The brand has won awards for its incredible balance bikes for toddlers, especially because of the specific system created by Wishbone studio in 2005 (also known as learn-to-ride).

People who want a budget balance bike often check the Wishbone options as well, as you may find wonderful models at a fair price.

Even though there are many options for you to pick the best balance bikes, the RE2 is one of Wishbone’s most famous models. It comes in three different colours, and it’s a plastic pedal bike that’s perfect for children aged 12 months to six years.

The balance bike is adjustable, so you can change its features as your child develop. Thus, you can adjust the seat so they’re always comfortable and happy while they’re driving.

Wishbone’s RE2 is also one of the best balance bikes you can find on the market because of the materials it’s made of. Even though its body is made of plastic, its primary components are recycled items like bottles. Consequently, it represents much lower carbon emissions than buying a steel bike, which you might want to keep in mind if you care about being environmentally friendly.

Airo Balance Bikes by Hornit

Hornit Airo balance bike models are also alternatives you must consider when you’re looking for the ideal one for your children.

One of the best features that Hornit kids’ balance bike models offer is that they’re made of strong materials, particularly magnesium alloy. Consequently, the bikes are immensely lightweight, but they’re also extremely durable, which means your children can happily ride in them for years, and you never need to worry about replacements.

Hornit takes price in producing a few of the best balance bike alternatives you could buy, particularly due to the brand’s AIRO frame and forks.

Experts have designed the Hornit balance bikes to guarantee your children start their cycling journey on a safe item. Furthermore, these lightweight balance bike alternatives offer seat height adjustability, a top-of-the-notch frame material (even though they all have an ultra-light metal frame), and they come in different colours, which might be attractive for very young kids.

Although wooden bikes have several advantages, these magnesium alloy non-pedal bikes are ideal for young riders who want to start balancing on two wheels since they’re very young.

best hornet balance bike

Strider Sport Balance Bike

Strider is one of the most famous brands you might get to know when looking for the best balance bike for your child, especially if you’re not focused only on training wheels, but on all the features that the item offers you.

Kids’ balance bike alternatives are varied, but finding a top-quality cheap balance bike is not as straightforward as you might think at first. However, the models by Strider have fantastic characteristics you should keep in mind, such as adjustable seat height, lightweight, and much more.

Young children often want eyecatching bikes to ride with their friends. Nonetheless, as a parent, there are other features you must evaluate. Fortunately, a Strider balance bike can give you tires that never go flat, a completely adjustable seat, and a strong frame material.

Strider bikes are a fantastic option if you want something that can endure your child’s development process. These models are particularly convenient for young kids who grow fast, especially if you care about their safety.

Additionally, a Strider bike is perfect for kids of different ages, unlike many balance bikes. You can adjust the model’s features and ensure that its seat is ideal for your child’s size, which allows them to put both of their feet flat on the ground as they have fun while riding.

green strider balance bike

Tiny Tot Balance Bike by Kinderfeets

Kinderfeets is also an incredible brand that produces running bikes, but it’s mostly known for its mission: all the store’s balance bikes are meant to stimulate young children and develop their imagination, strength, and balance.

When you’re looking for a sturdy bike to help your children’s gross and fine motor skills, you might probably want the best wooden balance bikes, especially if you also care about taking care of the environment.

Fortunately, Kinderfeets has the best option for you: a bamboo bike that’s perfect for one-year-olds to start driving. It has three strong tires they can use to build their balance, but once they master the basics of coordination and strength, you can adjust the bike so it only has two wheels.

Children love learning how to ride a bike, especially if the model they own stays with them for a long time. Once they get accustomed to it, they might get attached to it as well, which is why you should aim to get an item with a strong frame material and an adjustable seat, which are two features that the Kinderfeets Tiny Tots offer you.

Balance Bikes by Chicco

Chicco offers some of the best balance bike models you could find on the market. They have adjustable features so you can change their maximum seat height, their tires are sturdy and durable, they have a tough steel frame, and they have a design that particularly young children might love.

The brand offers different balance bikes, but the Ducati is one of the most popular models. Its design takes inspiration from the motorcycle, which is why so many children are enthralled when they see it.

Kids who want to learn to ride a bike are often excited to get on it and start having fun, so buying an item with adjustable seat height is essential since it allows you to quickly adjust it and ensure they’re comfortable while they’re riding.

Furthermore, the Ducati by Chicco has anti-puncture wheels, which means it can last a long time without you having to worry about the model suffering from any damages. Unlike other bikes, this item ensures both your child’s safety and long-lasting fun.

Most kids love the Ducati since it resembles a real bike, and that’s an added benefit because your child might want it from the first moment they see it. Give them the quality bike of their life and watch them have fun!

Vintage Convertible Bike by Trybike

Wooden balance bikes are very famous, but a steel bike might be equally convenient, especially if you prefer a sturdier model for your child.

The Convertible bike by Trybike is a wonderful example of a long-lasting, strong bike with a strong frame material to guarantee the best support each time your child starts riding. This bike is ideal for children who begin their learning process when they’re 18 months old. Even so, you can easily adjust the seat height to match your kid’s current needs.

Although there are many pedal bikes out there, this model is special since it doesn’t offer the features that a normal bike would. It does not have pedals, but your child can easily balance themselves on the item and start strengthening their gross motor abilities. At the same time, they may never even need training wheels.

Older kids can also enjoy this balance bike since you simply have to adjust the seat to allow them to comfortably sit on it. The bike has pneumatic air tires and it doesn’t include a hand brake, since Trybike experts know it wouldn’t help young children.

Kids Balance Bikes by Little Nation

If you want your child’s motor skills to grow, buying them a balance bike is one of the best ideas you could explore. Balance bikes allow children to strengthen their coordination, control, and they’re very fun. They often have foam tires, anti-skid wheels, or pedals to guarantee a smooth ride.

When your kid learns to ride a balance bike, they often feel immensely excited since the models are both fun to use and eyecatching. However, finding the ideal alternative is not easy, which is why Little Nation has designed some of the best options available.

Little Nation balance bikes are wonderful models you could buy. They have puncture-proof tyres made of EVA foam, they’re lightweight but durable, and they all have appealing designs your kid might love.

Moreover, the bikes by Little Nation guarantee that your child can feel comfortable while they’re riding. The seats of these balance bikes offer extra cushioning, so your kid may never get tired or sore.

While you may find different balance bike models, sometimes the one you choose is not available in different colours, and you might have trouble deciding whether your kid may like it or not. Nonetheless, the balance bikes by Little Nation come in eight different colours, so you have many options to pick from.

blue little nation balance bike

Convertible Rider by Funny Wheels

Although there are many balance bikes made of wood or metal, some people prefer a plastic model. Luckily, Funny Wheels offers one of the best alternatives you might want to check out.

The balance bike by Funny Wheels is a convertible model, which means you can easily turn it from a tricycle to a bike once your child gets old enough to lose the extra wheel. It’s ideal for kids ages 18 to 36 months, and it’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

It doesn’t have foam tyres because they’re made of rubber, but that only guarantees that they can last a long time and endure a lot.

Furthermore, when your child is learning how to ride a bike, they might want a colourful model that looks appealing, which is why the Funny Wheels alternative is very convenient. It’s available in yellow, pink, green, red, and blue, so your kid can pick the colour they like the most.

Buying a two-in-one balance bike is one of the best decisions you could make because it guarantees that your children can have fun for years. If you love all the features, you should definitely check the Funny Wheels’ model.

Vuly 12″ Wheels Pedal Bike

Even though some balance bike models may be expensive, not all of them are like that, even if they offer a strong frame material and other remarkable features.

Vuly’s pedal bike, for example, is a fantastic alternative you could get at a fair price, which shows that you can get a good balance bike for your child, even if you’re on a budget. It’s available in three different colours (green, blue, and pink), and it has a nice and compact design that resembles a normal bike for adults.

This model is ideal for children between ages two and four, and it’s one of the top balance bikes the market has to offer. Its grip is soft, which allows your kid to ride for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

The balance bike by Vuly also offers a footrest, which is not something all push bikes can give you, and it’s immensely convenient. It allows your child to remain balanced even when they’re not pedaling, so it’s a great way for them to strengthen their stability.

vuly balance bike

Mocka Mini Urban Balance Bike

Along with Chicco and other mentioned brands, Mocka is one of the best stores where you could buy a balance bike for your kid. The brand offers incredible options, such as the Mini Urban, which has a design that looks like a bike for older children, but it’s actually ideal for your toddler.

If you want your child to develop coordination and balance, the balance bike you buy should ensure they’re comfortable at all times, which is exactly what the Mini Urban guarantees. It’s made of wood, and it can last years, so your kid can safely have a smooth ride and enjoy hours of fun without any worries.

The frame material is birchwood and it has puncture-proof tyres made of rubber, so it’s definitely one of the best balance bike alternatives on the market.

Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that this bike requires assembly. Thus, once it gets home, you have to read the instructions manual and ensure it has the ideal characteristics. To achieve top precision, measure your child’s inseam and compare it to the seat height. Keep in mind that your kid’s feet should be flat on the floor, otherwise, they can’t take advantage of all the benefits a balance bike can give them.

Chicco Ride On Scuderia Ferrari Balance Bike

Kids who love car brands like Ferrari always adore the Scuderia Ferrari bike by Chicco, and it’s the main reason why it’s one of the most popular models by this brand. Although the store offers a lot of options, this one is particularly eye-catching and appealing, often even more so than a Mini Glider.

Chicco’s Scuderia Ferrari is a top-of-the-notch balance bike with incredible features. It offers the best characteristics to the youngest members of the family, for example, a sturdy frame made of metal, wheels with anti-puncture protection, a soft seat, and a handlebar, and a design with official Ferrari logos!

The Scuderia Ferrari is a gender-neutral balance bike that requires minimal assembly. Therefore, once you have it, you can quickly put it together and your kid can start having fun right away.

Just like many other Chicco balance bike options, the Scuderia Ferrari is immensely sturdy and stable, so it’s a very safe option for your child. You can watch them ride it and have fun for hours knowing they are always secure, and that the bike can accompany them in their journey for years.

Kids Balance Bike by Dfuguo

Finding the best beginner bike for children might not be easy, especially if you have no idea that the balance bike by Dfuguo exists.

This wonderful model has air-filled tires, which means your child can comfortably ride in any terrain. They can enjoy classic rubber tires with a lot of grip and the wheels last a long time since their material makes them immensely durable.

Any balance bike you buy should be very safe, so it doesn’t matter if you buy a Mocka, a Chicco, a Mini Glider, or Dfuguo’s option. It still needs to be secure for your child to be able to use it for years. Fortunately, Dfuguo’s alternative keeps your kid’s feet close to the ground when they’re riding, which means they can be safe each time they get on it.

The balance bike by Dfuguo has a completely adjustable seat, so children from two to five years old can enjoy the item without ever feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, it has a footrest for your child to rest their feet, and its assembly takes no more than 15 minutes, even if you’ve never bought one of these bikes before.

Mocka Ninja Balance Bike

Many kids love the ninjas they watch on TV shows, and would often like to imitate them. Thus, Mocka has designed an ultra stealthy bike that’s completely black, so your kid may feel immensely excited once they see it and think they can be ninjas while they’re riding.

Just like other models by the same brand, the Mocka Ninja is made of sturdy wood (specifically birchwood). At the same time, it complies with all toy safety standards, so you never need to think twice about your child’s safety while they’re riding.

This model also offers immensely resistant tires made of rubber, and it has four different seat settings. Once you have the bike, you can quickly adjust it to match your kid’s needs.

When you’re buying a wooden bike, you might be happy because you’re protecting the environment by reducing your carbon emissions. However, you should keep several things in mind, especially if you want your child’s bike to last a long time.

Due to the wooden components of the bike, you should always try to shield it from water and moisture, which could damage the material. Each time the bike gets wet, you should ensure you put it in a safe, dry space, which ensures it can last for years.

Mocka Motorbike Balance Bike

The last item on this list is also a model by Mocka, but this time, it resembles a motorbike, which is why it’s one of the brand’s most famous models.

Mocka is characterised by offering incredible designs to its clients because its experts are aware that children love appealing bikes. Thus, this model’s primary purpose is to appeal to your child’s playful nature and their instinct to love adult items, particularly when it comes to motorbikes.

When you buy this model, you get a sturdy item made of long-lasting wood, which ensures your child can not only ride the bike but grow in it. To get the most out of the balance bike, simply adjust its features and ensure that it’s perfect for your kid’s needs and size.

Your child needs a lot of practice before using a bike with pedals, and this model ensures they get all they need. Since it offers puncture-resistant tyres, a tough frame, and an appealing design, your kid could use it from age two and develop their gross motor skills.

Lastly, this bike is meant to withstand all the roughness of day-to-day play, so you never need to worry about the strength of its build. All you need to do is ensure that it dries well if it gets wet because that’s essential when you have a wooden bike.

Tricycles Versus Balance Bikes

Both of them offer different things, and it depends on what the parent wants, and on the child’s needs. Trikes are fantastic for your kid to learn how to pedal, whereas balance bikes are great to build coordination and confidence.

In the end, you should evaluate the features of both types of bikes and pick what you believe might be best for your child. Some models are two or three-in-one, so they could solve all your needs!

What Is the Purpose of a Balance Bike?

The main purpose of a balance bike is to allow your kid to develop their coordination, core strength, and balance before they move to a pedal bike.

When your kid uses a balance bike, they don’t have to worry about tricky pedals, so they can feel confident each time they ride because they know they can rely on their own feet to stop. Consequently, in many cases, children go from a balance bike to a pedal one without even needing training wheels.

Should Your Child Wear a Helmet Even if They’re Still Using Training Wheels?

Your child should always wear a helmet when they’re riding a bike, regardless of whether or not the item has training wheels.

Kids who ride bikes should be safe at all times, and just because the bikes offer sturdy features doesn’t mean your child cannot get hurt.

Final Thoughts

There are many balance bikes out there, but now you know the best options you could find on the market. Evaluate all your alternatives, compare their characteristics, benefits, and disadvantages, and choose the best one for your kid. Once your child has it and starts having fun, you can enjoy their hours of happiness as well!

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