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The Most Popular MTB Pedals – A Review Of The Australian Market



August 19, 2021

a review of mtb pedals

Bikers need top-quality pedals while they ride their bike. However, you might have a hard time finding top models. Read on, and examine a superb list with many options.

Top Mountain Bike Pedals List

Take a look at the list with top bike pedals. Once you’re done reading, you may know which model you want!

If you do need to change out your pedals, check out our how to guide on changing mountain bike pedals.

Entity PP20

The Entity PP20 are composite pedals you can get for your mountain bike. Their body is made from lightweight nylon, which makes them one of the best pedals you can find.

Additionally, they are available in different colours: Go-Fast Red, Stealth Black, and Back-Flip Blue. Just choose your favourite model, and you’re good to go!

The nylon pedals’ composite body and concave platform make them ideal if you’re going on rough terrain. Furthermore, their design has ergonomic features, so you’re always comfortable while you’re riding.

Many customers love the Entity PP20, which is why they’re one of the most famous composite pedals you can go for.

image of entity mtb pedals

Entity CT30 MTB

If you’re looking for the best mountain bike pedals, you should take a look at the CT30 MTB model by Entity. They can increase the power of your bike regardless of your footwear. Also, they are ideal if you want to ride on tricky land.

Aluminum pedals are hard to find, but the CT30 MTB by Entity model offers one of the best MTB flat pedals you could purchase.

While other pedals might have poor quality, the CT30 model is a fantastic option because it gives you an unmatched platform made of aluminum, while also ensuring high strength and adjustable tension.

PP15 Alloy Pedal by Entity

The PP15 is one of the best mountain bike flat pedals you could find if you want a lightweight option made of aluminum.

Alloy pedals are extremely durable and very convenient because they’re usually lightweight. At the same time, flat mountain bike pedals can be very hard to find if you don’t know where to look. However, fear not – the PP15 might be the model you’ve been waiting for.

The alloy pedals have fantastic features. You can remove the reflectors to ensure they’re compatible with your toes, take advantage of the bearings (which have a sealed sleeve), and enjoy a hard finish that may guarantee the aluminum pedals last a long time.

Commuter Essential Bundle by Entity

You need strong, durable, and reliable mountain bike pedals if you want to feel relaxed while you’re riding. Otherwise, you might be afraid all the time, thinking that your pedals may fail.

Fortunately, you can get everything you need if you get the Commuter Essential Bundle that Entity offers. In it, you might find the CT15 pedals and other accessories, such as a water bottle cage.

The CT15 pedals are definitely one of the best mountain bike pedals you can go for, but purchasing the Essential Bundle can give you a couple of more things you may not get if you buy the pedals alone.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is that you can get one of the best mountain bike pedals. They weigh 322 grams and they are perfect for any shoe size.

Each time you think of rough rides ahead, you can remember you have the CT15 model under your feet and stop worrying about what may happen.

Lacon Signature DMR Vault Flat Pedals

Getting a flat pedal body is a great idea if you’re looking for the best mountain bike pedals you can find on the market. Moreover, you should guarantee that the model you buy is durable and strong.

Luckily, the DMR Vault Flat Pedals are a great option. They have sealed bearings and adjustable pins, and they’re not plastic pedals, so you don’t have to think about durability.

Their metal body is perfect if you want to go to a bike park. Every mountain bike must have lightweight pedals, so you’re comfortable while you’re riding. The Vault Flat Pedals are a phenomenal alternative!

Lastly, if you want flashy pedals with an innovative design, the Vault Flat Pedals might catch your eye at once. The fun colours are ideal to get everyone’s attention while you’re riding.

Look X-Track Carbon MTB Pedals

Sometimes, when you’re looking at different pedal alternatives, you might only focus on the aesthetics because you don’t know much about the features they can offer you.

Even though some people decide to rely more on the characteristics pedals offer, with the Look X-Track pedals, you get the best of both worlds.

The Look X-Track model consists of SPD pedals. They offer you a high-quality pedal platform made of the best materials you could possibly want. At the same time, they look sleek, modern, and professional.

DMR Vault Limited Edition Flat MTB Pedal

The DMR Vault MTB is definitely one of the most popular flat pedals you can find if you check different online reviews.

High-quality mountain bike flat pedals are not easy to find, but the DMR Vault MTB fulfills bikers’ expectations. The pedals don’t have a slightly convex shape – instead, they are different from others on the market due to their more concave geometry.

The cutaway corners on each lightweight pedal ensure that you don’t have any issues with obstacles, even if you hit them by accident. Also, the pin placement and platform size are ideal for many riders, which is why they’re so famous.

DMR Vault Magnesium Flat Pedal

You can usually trust that DMR Vault makes great mountain bike pedal options. Reading customer reviews can prove that the brand always delivers top-quality alternatives.

Many people believe the Magnesium Flat Pedals are not the best mountain pedals you can go for. Even though they offer great quality, you might get other composite deals or clipless pedals for a better price.

Even so, the Magnesium Flat Pedals by DMR are still an incredible alternative. They have a large platform, but they’re also extremely lightweight, which proves that the brand wants to provide its customers with the best products.

Midi Flat Pedal by DMR Vault

Another great model by DMR is the Midi Flat Pedal. In terms of its pedal size, it’s average, and many people compare it with the Horizon. Nonetheless, its spring tension, traction pads, and grip are very different.

You can’t use any pedals on rough technical terrain. The Midi Flat has a superb platform shape, which ensures you can rely on the mountain bike flat pedals without worrying about their durability or strength.

Even so, you should keep in mind that they are expensive compared to other options. However, they are a fantastic alternative if you have a small footprint.

Ritchey Comp XC

The Ritchey Comp pedals are one of the lightest XC pedal options you could go for. If you want an adjustable clipless pedal with a fun design, this one might be a good alternative to add to your wish list.

You need a high-quality clipless pedal to ride a trail bike, and you must ensure they have a wide platform, so you can maintain your stability while you’re riding. Although most pedals offer interesting features, not all of them include a fun design, which is why the Ritchey Comp model is unique.

The Ritchey Comp is available in many different colours, such as orange, red, blue, white, green, and yellow. The model offers a good cleat release tension, which might hinder the pedal strikes, but it’s still very well-balanced. It’s a great alternative!

XC100 Upgrade Pedal

With the XC100 Upgrade Pedal, you can quickly turn the regular XC100 into a dual-sensing pedal. With a large platform, the model gives you wonderful features. Many people say it’s their favourite alternative because they can use it to measure all the power in their legs.

The XC100 Upgrade Pedal is one of the best mountain bike clipless pedals, especially if you want to become a better cyclist. Only top riders evaluate their power and try to improve each day, and this model can help you with that!

With the XC100 you can get all the data regarding your power, but that’s not all – it’s also a very useful model if you want to monitor your balance. Overall, the platform size is ideal for many riders, and the multiple features it offers help cyclists improve, so it might be what you’re looking for to develop your riding skills.

Trekking Vision Pedals by Look Geo

Look Geo’s Trekking Vision Pedals are a fantastic model if you want good engagement. Furthermore, they float a little, which makes them very versatile.

If you want to commute, this model might be ideal for you. The composite pedals are, in many people’s opinion, better than many Chester pedals, which may be an important thing to keep in mind when you’re making your purchase.

You can adjust the release angle with a key, and that’s very convenient. Even though you’re not getting a chunky alloy cage with the Trekking Vision Pedals, you’re still obtaining good-quality clipless mountain bike pedals.

Crank Brothers Stamp

Riders with big feet also need good trail pedals when they’re cycling. However, they may be a little hard to find if you don’t even know where to get started.

The Crank Brothers Stamp pedals are one of the best mountain bike flat pedals you could find if you have big feet. They’re immensely popular due to their high-quality features.

Even though this model is not as lightweight as the Ti axle version by DMR, it is still a fantastic option, especially for people who are looking for sturdy pedals.

The replaceable steel pins are one of the model’s best features since each pedal has 10 per side. Thus, you get very sturdy and reliable pedals while you’re riding.

DMR’s V12 Flat Pedal

Just like many other products by DMR, the V12 Flat Pedal is designed to endure very wet conditions. The brand experts usually focus on that because it’s what’s most common in Great Britain.

DMR’s V12 Flat Pedal offers a clipless mechanism and sealed cartridge bearings, and they are immensely smooth. Additionally, the ball bearings might need care from time to time, but that’s extremely easy to do, so you don’t have to worry about it.

DMR’s V8 Flat Pedal

Similar to the V12 Pedal, the V8 offers good-quality features such as cartridge bearings and a very flat platform, ideal for riding while it’s wet outside.

The main difference between the V12 and the V8 is that the latter is more budget-friendly. Thus, if you don’t have much money to spend, getting this model might work.

Both the V12 and the V8 are among the most popular pedals in the United Kingdom because they’re specially designed for wet conditions. However, regardless of whether you’re in there or not, you might take advantage of their good-quality features and fair price.

Chester MTB Pedals

If you want one of the best MTB pedals, you should take a look at the Chester. This model was the king of flat pedals for a long time because it offers excellent characteristics, an innovative and attractive design, and a price that might be convenient for you.

Even though the OneUp Composite Pedals are a stronger option for many people, the Chester is still a great MTB alternative. It has a superb grip and offers top durability, which is why it may be just what you’re looking for.

Nukeproof Horizon

The Horizon is one of the most famous models and has won different prizes for giving you high-quality pedals.

Not all pedals are well-balanced, but the Horizon offers a perfect combination of strength, size, and support. All of its features are fantastic, which is why it’s one of the most bought products when it comes to mountain biking.

The pedals have a concave shape and 10 pins. Plus, the Enduro cartridge bearings are also high-quality. If you ever need to replace them, you can easily buy the needed spares. They’re not hard to find or install.

RockBros MTB Pedal

Many people want cheap pedals, but they also need good-quality ones to ensure they’re going to be safe while they ride their bicycles.

The MTB Pedal by Rockbros is an amazing option. It’s extremely cheap but offers good features, such as a great performance in all types of weather, its balance is good, and users often praise its grip.

Even though it’s not the most durable alternative, it’s still convenient if you’re on a budget. Sometimes, you just need good pedals to get started on your favourite hobby. In the future, you might get a different set. If that’s what you have in mind, the RockBros model is ideal for you.

What Type of Pedals Are Best for Mountain Biking?

There are many different types of mountain bike pedals. If you’re new to this, you might not know which kind is the correct one.

Expert mountain bikers often choose clipless MBT pedals because they offer the necessary features for the activity. When you start using the pedals, you might feel awkward because they’re different from your regular flat model.

Clipless MBT pedals are specially designed for you to practice and become more efficient with time. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s normal to feel weird, or not know exactly how to use them.

However, as you get used to the pedals, you might notice that you feel more comfortable. Eventually, you should be able to increase your pedal stroke efficiency.

The most important part of MBT pedals is that they protect your feet as you ride on challenging terrain. The main goal is to keep your feet safe at all times.

Even though MBT pedals are mainly used for mountain biking (downhill, overland, trail or dirt jumping), you can still get platform pedals if you can’t afford the other types.

When you start looking at MBT pedals, you might notice that they’re expensive, and you may even need special shoes. Nonetheless, platform pedals are much more accessible, which is why they could be a better option if you’re on a budget.

find the best mtb pedals

Are Mountain Bike Flat Pedals Useful?

Getting mountain bike flat pedals is extremely useful, especially if you’re a beginner. If you start by using clipless pedals, you might not be able to learn essential skills you may need later on.

Comparing clipless and flat pedals might also help you understand why flats are so useful. The second type gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to having fun on a bicycle.

Beginner riders dream about becoming the best cyclists ever, but they mainly do it for fun. As someone new to the hobby, you may only want to feel the air in your face as you try out your new anti-skid replaceable pins. Everything is extremely exciting, and you want to take advantage of it!

Buying flat pedals gives you way more options to have fun. Regardless of how much time you’ve spent riding your bike, you can easily learn to slide, slip, and adjust your feet while you’re riding. It’s a great way to enjoy yourself while you’re learning the basics!

Do MTB Pedals Make a Difference?

Many beginner bikers wonder if different kinds of pedals are really important. It’s an essential question to ask if you want to make sure you buy the right item.

You should consider various types of pedals depending on the kind of riding you’re doing. What’s most important is that you understand what you want. Otherwise, you can’t buy the right thing for your hobby.

Therefore, overall, MTB-type pedals do make a huge difference. You need to determine what you want, and then figure out which kind of pedal is the correct one.

Do Most Mountain Bikers Use Clipless Pedals?

Most professionals prefer clipless pedals, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. You need to assess your needs and choose the best option for you.

Both bikers and road racers may use clipless models from time to time. However, if you want to determine if you should use them or not, you should focus on your preferred cycling type.

Experts often choose clipless pedals because they are more comfortable and convenient to achieve their sporting goals. Riders need to walk off the bike with ease, which is why professionals prefer not to have clips on their shoes.

Are MTB Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals worth It?

MTB-type pedals are entirely worth it if you’re willing to learn everything you need, or if you already know the basics of cycling.

To get started with cycling, you should use flat pedals first and rely on clips. As you gain expertise, you could change what you use and eventually go for clipless models.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that clipless pedals are usually chosen by professionals because they can be tricky to handle if you’re just getting started. Beginners often feel much more comfortable with other models while they learn the basics.


Choosing the best pedals to become a good mountain biker is tricky. You have to consider many different things, and there are a lot of models to examine before you make your purchase. Assessing their pros and cons gives you better chances of picking something that fits your needs perfectly.

One of the most important things to remember is that it doesn’t matter whether you want to become a professional or not. If you’re getting started, you’re doing so because you love biking, and you should keep that in mind to always buy what’s best for your feet!

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