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Best Trek EMTB Guide | Top 3 Electric Mountain Bikes Of 2020



October 1, 2020

top trek electric mountain bikes

You might have heard or seen of these on the streets, especially the ones with big fat tires, and wondered how the heck would someone ride that! If you did not know, the easy answer is, “it’s probably an electric bike”. But the question is, are e-bikes really worth all the hype? Are they any better than the traditional pedal-only bikes?

In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about electric mountain bikes; from how much to spend to the best EMTB of 2020.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Trek E Bike?

An eMTB is a mountain bike that has been integrated with a motor to assist the rider when pedalling. They amplify your pedalling power to help you go further and have fun. Note that most electric mountain bikes have no throttle. If you do not pedal, the motor won’t support you.

Where are Trek E bikes made?

With more people longing to spend time outdoors more, the market for e-mountain bikes is exploding. Countless brands and shops have already been established, and more people are seriously investing in e-MTB development.

However, with a few exceptions, almost all electric bike companies import their products from Asian factories in either China and Taiwan.

Is there a difference in quality between the two markets?

Yes! Taiwan made bikes are well recognized for quality frames and build. Most well-known brands like QBO, Tern-all, Specialized, and Trek get their bikes from Taiwan.

On the other hand, trek bikes from China are mostly generic and mass-produced for cost-effectiveness and to attract big buyers.

Are Trek E-bikes any good?

Definitely! They are designed for winding around dirt paths, climbing steep mountain trails, and mud patches -and they’re great at that. Once you are back on the highway, they still perform better than the typical comfort or city commuter bikes. If you want to avoid something, you can easily drop or get into a curb due to the tough build, suspension, and better tires compared to when you use a regular bike.

What is the best EMTB 2020?

The best way to get a good bike is to read well-expounded reviews. We aim to deliver fun and engaging reviews that cover everything about bikes. We give credits where it’s due, and give our raw opinion where we think something should have been better.

Here are the top 3 e trek electric bikes of 2020:

Rail 9.8 XT

trek emtb rail 9.8 XT

Value For Money.

The Rail 9.8XT E Mountain Bicycle is designed to ride hard, fast, and for long distances through the gnarliest trails. It features a smooth-shifting Shimano XT drivetrain, a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate shock, and a Bosch Performance Line CX 250W motor that will get you through to any place you want to be.

It’s a hardcore bike to say the very least and so is it’s the price tag – but, it’s worth every penny!

Powerfly 4

trek emtb powerfly 4


This competitively priced bike comes with high-quality specs, a robust and sturdy design, and feel. It’s equipped with a powerful Bosch motor and a Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system which is easily removable without having to use tools. If you want to recharge, simply unclip and remove (once your battery is full, the re-installation is just as easy).

Get the Powerfly 4 budget mountain electric bike and enjoy your rides more. It’s a great first e-bike that won’t disappoint.



Rail 7

trek electric mtb rail 7

Best Buy.

The Rail 7 is cleverly designed with lightweight but high-quality materials making it the ultimate Trek mountain bike. Whether going uphill or downhill, it literally glides over the surface while offering plenty of comfort for long-distances.

The bike features an upgraded 160 mm RockShox Yari RC fork, battery, 1×12 Shimano SLX/XT drivetrain, a reliable and powerful new Bosch CX 250 W drive system, and, powerful Shimano 4-piston brakes for confident descents.

It’s aggressive, versatile, and will smoothly handle whatever is thrown on its way.


How do electric bikes work?

E-bikes come in two different drive systems. An electric mid-drive motor or a hub motor that receives enough power to drive the wheels from rechargeable batteries that can connect to a recharger system. You can quickly tell an e-bike from other bikes by the noticeable battery mounted on the trunk or on the frame.

All charged bicycles also have a controller screen on the handlebar. You can monitor speed, time, distance, battery charge or power consumption, etc

Why should I use an eMTB over a regular bicycle?

  • Electric bikes will get you to your destination faster. With speeds of up to 25km/h, you can get to your destination more quickly than you would on a regular bicycle.
  • Going off road or uphill is a breeze.
  • Arrive less sweaty as compared to when you use a regular bike,
  • It’s Safer. While this might seem debatable, it’s pretty much a plus point over traditional bikes. When using one, you can entirely focus on controlling the bike with much less effort, especially when going uphill, riding on rough terrain, or a busy highway.
  • You can keep up in stop-and-start busy traffic intersections.
  • Easier on the joints. e-bikes ease the pressure on your knees and hips when cycling.
  • It’s a convenient option for getting around. It’s sustainable, safe, and has enough speed to make it a better alternative to an automobile more often than a regular bike.
  • Ride a little further to distances that otherwise might have seemed too far or too hilly.
  • You can squeeze a quick workout when going home. Many booster bikes allow you to switch up to the top level of assisted pedaling or down to a building-up-a-sweat level of exertion.

What is the best e-bike for the money?

The best trek bicycle should have a long-range, strong battery life, powerful motor, and a sturdy body frame. However, before choosing an e-bike, you should consider if it will serve your needs. For instance,

  • If you’ll be carrying out errands, you might need an electric cargo bike that can fit your shopping or carry a passenger.
  • If you want to go smoothly to work, or beat the morning traffic, get an electric commuter bicycle.
  • If you ride on rugged terrain more, an e trek mountain bike is the better option.

Electric bikes regulations in Australia.

All riders in Australia must comply with the same road rules as ordinary bicycles, but they’re also subject to power and speed limits. It’s advisable to check your state’s regulations regarding electric bikes before you hit the road.

  1. Standard bicycle regulations still apply, e.g., use of helmets, and road rules. (refer to local laws in your state)
  2. Most 200W and 250W “Pedalecs” are legal.
  3. A pedal-assist bicycle with a throttle-based motor system must not have a combined power output of more than 200 watts.
  4. No license or registration is required for you to ride an electric bike.

How much should I spend on my E-MTB?

For a decent EMTB, you might spends anywhere between $ 2000 – $5000. There may be cheaper options, but DON’T fall prey to scrimping parts to save a few bucks, which will be used up a few days later in repairs anyway.

when choosing an electric bike, always go for robust tires and wheels that won’t break, powerful battery to enjoy long rides, powerful brakes for perfect control, and quality suspension components that will willingly soak up bumps on the trail

If you’re dreaming of a smooth off road ride that looks perfect on the boardwalk but is quick enough to cruise down to the corner store, you should get a trek bicycle. The powerful pedal-assist motor takes the ugh out of long road bike adventures or errands.

You can also check out our reviews of the standard Trek MTBs, the Trek Marlin 7 and also the Trek 3500.

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