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Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits – Australian Kits


November 14, 2023

mountain bike with electric motor

There are a lot of great options out there today for people that are interested in transitioning to a more sustainable living standard. People around the world have been using bicycles for centuries and modern technology has made them even more versatile.

If you are looking for a way to travel inexpensively and environmentally friendly than an E-bike is a great choice. All you need is a regular bicycle and one of these conversion kits. Also see our review of the VALK electric bike range.

Best 8 Electric Bike Conversion Kits in 2020

When you are looking at your options for electric bike conversions there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. If you look at the market the number one most important factor for most people is going to be price.

Following this people are interested in the value as well. How is it to install? How durable is it? Keep in mind the factors that matter the most to you when you are looking through these reviews.

Quick Comparison:

Detailed reviews of each product further down the page.

Featured E-Bike Brand – VALK

Below you can see our featured electric mountain bike brand – VALK

36V/48V 250W 350W 500W Torque Sensored Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

Mid Drive DIY Ebike Conversion Kit with Display and Battery

Manufacturer: Tongsheng

ebike conversion kits

This is a great choice for the bike rider that is looking for an option that is easy to install. The brackets let you fit it to almost any bike in the market. Choose your own ride and upgrade it with the 500 watt motor that is fully electric. This is an incredibly versatile device for electric bike enthusiasts.

The motor offers a significant improvement in the power to weight ratio over previous models. When compared to their previous models it is actually 30 more efficient. This makes it much more energy efficient and far less costly than their previous generation's model.

Main Benefits of This Product

30 percent lighter for the same power output as previous models
Torque and Cadence Sensor
Easy Installation Process

Technical Features of This Product

Fits Bikes with 68-73 mm bracket
Up to 500 Watts of Power

BAFAGN 48V 500W Brushless Hub Motor Ebike Conversion Kit

All Kinds of Bikes 20″ 26″ 27.5″ 700C Rear Wheel 7 Speed Freewheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit with Battery

Manufacturer: Bafang

e conversion kit 48V

This e bike conversion kit throws in a few extras for the tech lover in all of us. The LCD screen is portable and can give you all the important metrics on your bike. How much power is being used, your current speed, your current battery level, and even more?

The one year warranty that is included will help you feel confident about your travels. If anything ever happens within the first year of your purchase everything will be taken care of for you. If that is not a sign of quality then we do not know what is.

Main Benefits of This Product

Convert your bike in under an hour
Over 80 percent power efficiency
Portable LCD Display

Technical Features of This Product

conversion kit for bicycle with rear drop out size 128-148mm
500 Watt rear drive money

Mid Drive Kit TSDZ2 Bike Conversion Kit Multiple Power Option

Manufacturer: Tongsheng

tongsheng 48v electric bike conversion kit

This is a unique conversion kit for your bike. The way that it has its sensors set up allows it to convert the pedalling that you are doing directly into more power. This is thanks to the torque sensor that is included compared to the speed sensors that are present in other competing models.

The output of this motor is equivalent and proportional to the power output of your pedalling. The harder that you are ready to pedal the more power that the motor will provide to the bike. It even has a built in zero start performance so it is easy to get the motor up and running.

Main Benefits of This Product

torque sensor is more powerful if you like to pedal more
TSDZ2 is adopted to torque sensor
Real button force torque sensor, bilateral torque, with speed sensor function

Technical Features of This Product

Fits Bottom Bracket:68mm-73mm
Motor Power: 250W/350W/500W

BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Brushless Gear Bicycle Engine Electric Bike Conversion Kit

LCD Display for 20″ 26″ 27.5″ 700C Wheel

Manufacturer: Bafang

bafang conversion kit

When you are looking at your e bike options one of the factors that are always going to impact how comfortable it is to use will be its weight. The heavier than an on Jeff is the more difficult it will be to move around. This is a great lightweight option for the person who is interested in a travel sized bike converter.

The engine itself is fully electric and with over 80 percent energy conversion efficiency it is a very low cost option for electric biking in terms of energy usage.

Main Benefits of This Product

Choose from two models
80 percent or greater power efficiency
Very lightweight

Technical Features of This Product

Front Drive Motor

Yescom Motor Electric Bicycle E-Bike Conversion Kit

PAS Cycling Hub LCD Display

Manufacturer: YesCom

ebike conversion kit by yescom

This e bike conversion kit is made with both a brushless and fearless motor. This creates one of the most powerful electric motors in the industry. Not only is it surprisingly powerful but it is also incredibly quiet. This is an impressive bit of machinery that your average bike enthusiast will love.

The motor can switch between two modes. The fully powered mode lets you ride with only the power of the motor pushing the bike forward. The other setting is a pedal assist setting. When the motor is in this mode it will sense the manner you are pedaling the bike and match it to support your natural cadence. This will make it feel as if it is easier to push the bike or that each push has more power as you are riding.

Main Benefits of This Product

Flexible & Adjustable Pedal Assistance System
CD Meter shows pedal assistance settings and battery power level
1000W brushless gearless hub motor is low noise and low maintenance

Technical Features of This Product

Motor Power: 1000W
Motor Type: Brushless gearless

Schuck Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Rear Cassette Hub Motor Wheel KT with KT LCD6 Display 36V500W Ebike kit

Manufacturer: Schuck

schuck ebike conversion kit

The wheels that come with this conversion kit allow your bike to support up to 250 kg or nearly 500lbs. They are made with a special double walled alloy material with stainless steel spokes. A combined effect is a machine that is ready to take some punishment.

The motor is capable of getting you up to nearly 40 km an hour. You will be ready to be on the move quickly and carrying weight. On top of everything else, you will have the added benefit of the 12 month warranty that provides coverage for every part of the motor.

When you are looking for a convertor that is built to handle higher-level loads than other models are capable of supporting then this will be the most effective choice for you most likely.

Main Benefits of This Product

Double-walled alloy wheels with reinforced stainless steel spokes
12-month warranty for the motor
Convert Your Bike in as little as one or two hours

Technical Features of This Product

maximum load capacity of electric bicycles is 150-250 kg
36V 500W brushless geared motor

Final Thoughts on Electric Bike Conversion Kits

There are a number of serious benefits to consider when thinking about making the switch to an electric bike. The best thing is that you can benefit yourself and the environment at the same time by using one of the conversion kits. There are plenty of good options for you out there. Some people are going to prefer an option that offers more pedal assistance than anything.

This allows people to take their bike comfortably a lot further than if they went with an entirely man powered bike. The other choice is to do a full conversion and make it so that the bike is entirely powered by the motor. Whether you are more fond of a pedal assisted option or of a fully electronic bike there is something that will fit your tastes and needs.

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