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Best Electric Folding Bikes – Most Popular Ebikes



May 4, 2020

best folding ebikes Australia

No question one of the biggest milestones in our lives is to learn to ride a bike. Most likely, you and I are far beyond those days. These days (if we haven’t abandoned the activity altogether by now), we are looking for more affordable and convenient ways to enjoy what seems took so long to learn to do.

With that being said, I present to you…electric folding bikes! These are useful in saving space, cutting down commute time and more. But hold your horses, there are many things and brands to consider when purchasing this product. Here is am attempt to guide you in the process of finding your new bike.

A Comparison Of The Top 5 Folding E Bikes

Detail on each bike can be found further below.

As mentioned, this style of biking is very convenient. If you are a person who has to commute by train, plane, car, etc, it makes it easy to pack these bad boys in. This in retrospect could save you money and time, being that you do not have to pay for it to be stored away while you are gone.

You can enjoy it on your trip! Not only that, but an electric bike may do more good for the environment than that of a car. Cars emit way more fumes and toxins yearly than a bike ever would.

Benefits Of Folding Ebikes

One benefit in using a folding ebike is because they use hub motors. One of the biggest advantages hub motors have over mid-drive motors is that they are smaller in size and don’t occupy much space when riding. The more convenient hub motors are placed in the rear wheel. The ones that typically get in the way are the ones placed in the front.

Another benefit to having a foldable electric bike is the fact that they are pretty durable. Because developers know that with most tools and devices the hinge and joint pieces are weak areas, they’ve taken extra steps with these bikes to ensure they don’t break easily.

To add to that, if you want a motorized vehicle but don’t want to pay an arm and leg, this is the best option! You can get to point A and B without having the burden of all the expenses that would come with using a car all the time.

Or, even if you have a car this will make getting to work in big cities easy, or storing the bike in the trunk after riding through the nature trail. This will save you a lot of money being that there is little to no maintenance involved. Most local laws allow you to ride these on the road. It is recommended to check state requirements on size, speed, location, etc.

There are many brands to consider when purchasing this product. But not every brand is your best fit, so here are few I want to touch on with you that I feel are quality.

Fortis 20″ 36V 10Ah Foldable Electric Bike

This particular brand offers three main features that will make your experience very much so worthwhile. The first is your ability to travel further for longer. Because of its 10Ah lithium battery, 6-speed gears & 250W advanced brushless motor, this allows you to climb hills and ride to a distance of up to 40km. To add, there are front and rear disc breaks for additional safety.

If you are a person living in a busy city like me (or even remote city far away from the local grocery store), you don’t want to get in traffic or have to waste too much gas for a simple trip to the store. Hop on of these and you will be met with an on bike bag rack that allows you store your groceries conveniently. Another one up of the Fortis 20″ is the fact that it also has a LCD display panel with power level indicators. The product description brags about the 6 speed gear, mentioning that you can “weave in and out of busy roads”. It can reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour, which is pretty supurb!

Many mention that the bike is pretty heavy, which is a plus for those who prefer more sturdy bikes or are heavier in weight. The price for this product has been dropping, so it may be a good idea to look further into it soon if it peaks your interest. You can find it online through retailers at a discounted price. Drive longer and further with this model!

e bike by fortis

Valk 36V

This folding bike is probably one of the best choices you could make. It’s sharp, off white sleek design gives riders a smooth look. It is relatively smaller in size compared to other ebikes you may come across. The folding action takes about 20 seconds or less and assembly takes about 5 minutes in 3 steps.

This is a plus if you’re not mechanically or technically inclined, making it easier for you to put it together and get started. It runs on a 36V lithium-ion battery allowing you to travel up to 40km on one single charge. More time riding than charging is always a positive! Nobody wants to have to deal with the burden of having to constantly charge their device when it is expected to perform at that time. The front and rear suspension makes this bike ready for war! Gutters, potholes or anything else are no match for this bike.

Another plus of the Valk 36V is its beam when riding for visibility. If you’re like me, you like to ride you bike sometimes at night. Dealing with the burden of sight is definitely a factor to consider when buying a bike. With this installed led light, you have a headlight that will guide you throughout the fog or dark. This bike is available for purchase through online retailers.

best folding e bike

Xiaomi Mi QiCycle

One of the most unique features about this bike is the on trip computer that gives you details on mileage, distance, speed and more. With its ability to store data for up to 30 days, data can be sent to your smartphone effortlessly through bluetooth. Also, It can travel up to 50 km miles and converts to around $500 in the Australia.

This particular product was made in Beijing by the company Xiaomi and is a great catch for those who have an analytical approach to riding. This bike is relatively light at 14.5 kg. Another huge feature this bike possesses is its torque sensor, especially for the buying price. Most less expensive folding bikes use cadence based pedal assist. So, as soon as pedals rotate the motor jump starts. On the other hands, these torque sensors measure the force put on the pedals. This makes the power transition feel more seamless.

As reviews say, the bike is intended for the urban commuter, not one traveling up steep hills and such. On flat and level surfaces, the bike works amazingly. Rider weight is 100kg max. This is a great catch for the price and is available for purchase through online retailers.
As far as the battery goes, it uses Panasonic cells that are packed within the interior of the bike. It can travel up to a range of 28 miles. translating to 45km.

This is a extremely impressive considering the capacity of the battery. In any other case with this battery capacity, it would reach up to 20 miles, or 11 using the pedal assist.

best xiaomi e bike

Folding Bikes Are Becoming Popular

Although not being talked about as much, it is clear that electric folding bikes are becoming more and more popular. It is indeed going to be the start of a new era. With that being said, if you are in the market you are already probably somewhat familiar with benefits like size, cost and commute time.

As stated, every bike is not designed the same and therefore will give you a different feel. It is best to consider which brand works best for your needs and situation. Not only that, but legality should be considered as well. Laws vary state to state and I would hate for legal action to be taken because you chose to ride an ebike! Not only is legality to be considered, it is worth mentioning that you understand bike safety. Before your purchase you should take protective measures such as helmets, knee pads, reflectors, etc.

Another thing to consider is having a place to take the bike in case it is damaged or if the motor gives out. There are a some repair shops that may not be able to fix electronic bikes, so having one in mind will likely alleviate the stress of having to find one when things hit the fan. If you want to ensure your bike is balanced correctly (other than looking at the specs), it is recommended to check the bikes balance. Even in case the bike is ever mounted in an odd area, it will cause issues with balance. The closer to the center of gravity, the better off you are.

I personally remember a time when I was younger, there were no such thing as foldable electric bikes. Now that this is a thing of the present, it is a good opportunity for you to take advantage of helping the environment, saving space, and overall getting places more quicker. As far as brands, it it important to triple check which one may be a good fit. Reading online reviews and watching videos of riding may help you in making your decision. Some brands have a reputation of having poor features or quality and it shows during the riding experience. Those mentioned in this article are considered to be higher quality. These have the features you need and are affordable.

Do your research and chose what’s best for you! Whether using it to commute to work or ride around the park, you can’t go wrong with an electric bike.

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