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Should I Get A Giant Bike – The Most Popular Brand In Australia?



May 24, 2021

giant bikes australia

Australia has many places to explore and go biking from time to time. However, the best way to explore those places is, naturally, with a mountain bike. Getting a road bike allows you to have fun and connect to nature like you never did before.

Regardless of that, you need to pick the right bike model and brand if you want to have a nice experience. Many local bicycles offer you many advantages, so you have an excellent variety of bikes to choose from.

Yet, if you want to ride the best bikes in Australia, Giant is an excellent choice. Giant bikes offer you improved features that not all bicycles give you. Whether you want the bike for a race or to use it around your town, this is an excellent fit.

Giant models have excellent reviews. That’s due to its fair range of features that aim to improve the user’s comfort and overall experience. Dive into this review if you want to learn more about mountain bikes! Don’t hesitate to join the Giant community.

downhill on a giant bike

Is Giant a Good Mountain Bike Brand?

Absolutely! Giant is one of the best bike brands worldwide! it is one of the leaders in the bicycle business. The Compact Road technology was designed with the help of a wide range of experts and athletes. You can go for this brand regardless if you are a casual bike rider or someone who likes professional riding. Other brands you may be interested are Polygon, VALK, and VULY.

You can use the Giant website to buy its products online. That way, you can check the range of bike models available. Some of them are:

  • TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc.
  • Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1.
  • Trance X Advanced Pro 29 1.
  • Reign Advanced Pro 29 1.

Each Giant product has a unique design that makes it different from other gravel bikes on the market. This company also offers you some of the best riding gear on the market. You need decent equipment if you want to be safe while riding your race bike, so make sure to invest in those products, too.

What Should I Look for When Buying Giant Bikes? Australia – Based

As we mentioned before in this review, Australia has a considerable range of options when it comes to mountains and places to go cycling. However, you need cross and gravel bikes that offer you enough functions to ride them comfortably.

Each bike should be different from the others, but there are some features that any mountain bike should have. Considering that, here are some things you should take into account when looking for road bikes:


When it comes to deciding which bicycle to buy, it’s crucial to go for a bike that fits your budget. Many reviews place outrageously expensive gravel bikes on top of tier lists and forget about the budget-friendly alternatives on the market.

Price is something you should consider when purchasing a road bike. Some bicycles offer you comfort and a decent range of functions for a reasonable price. Some examples of that are the Giant ATX and Contend AR 4. Don’t hesitate to get them if you are looking for affordable road bikes!


When it comes to bicycle materials, the materials of the product is something you should consider when looking for a new bike. That’s because the material they are made of determines things such as their sturdiness and longevity. Reviews agree that aluminium is one of the best frame materials you can choose for your bike.

That’s because the aluminium frame comes with corrosive-resistant properties that make the rear and fork more durable. This type of frame is also more affordable than others on the market, so it’s perfect if you are working on a budget. Some aluminium-based 2021 Giant bikes are the Anthem 29 2, ARX 20, and ARX 16 C/B

Regardless of that, some bikes have an excellent composite frame. Going for a bike with a hybrid composite frame allows you to enjoy the benefits that different materials have to offer. If you want to go for a Giant model, it also offers composite/carbon and a wide stock of bike models such as the new TCR Advanced SL Disc 0 2021 model, the Defy Advanced Pro 1 DI2, and the Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1.

Reviews also speak highly of Giant carbon fibre bike frames. This type of frame has a lot of strength, so don’t worry about the bike’s fork durability. Yet, carbon fibre makes smaller front and rear triangles. That allows it to be one of the lightest models on the market.

Giant’s models have a world-class quality, and you can see that in every review people make of them. If you are looking for a carbon 2021 Giant bike, you can go for the new TCR Advanced SL Disc 1, the TCR Advanced Pro Disc 0, and the TCR Advanced Disk 3.

As you could see, Giant has a considerable amount of bikes ready for you. You can check the bike models online and see if any of them meets your needs. Regarding price, Giant’s models have different costs that can adapt to your budget. Don’t hesitate to check them out!


If you want to enjoy your ride when using a Giant bike, make sure that you choose one that is fully integrated with everything you want your new mountain bike to have. As mentioned before in this review, every bike model is different from the others, and each one of them has different reviews.

One of the most important things a Giant bike should have is optimal brake technology. All Giant’s models have excellent brakes that keep you safe at all times. Many things can happen along the road, so you need functional brakes to make sure anything happens to you. Giant also has available a decent range of gear products for riders, including some that optimize brakes. An example of that is the conduct hydraulic disc brakes.

Wheels also play a fundamental part in any type of Giant bike regardless if it has a carbon frame or an aluminium rear and fork. They are the ones that keep your bike running, so you should make sure your wheels are of the best quality. Giant has many wheels available for you, some of them are the SLR 1 65, the TRX 0 27.5, and the CXR 2.

Giant even offers you training wheels if you want to learn how to ride a bike. Try them if you want to enter the world of bicycles! You can even read a review of them online.

When it comes to wheels, it’s also important to take care of each tube. Giant’s models have durable and resistant tubes, but you can buy a tube bag at the Giant’s website. If you want to go for a different alternative, you can also purchase tubeless tire plugs or a control tank tubeless inflator.

Other bike parts such as the chainstays are also important. However, every bike in the world needs them to work, so it’s difficult to find a bike with no chainstays or other fundamental parts. Regardless of that, ask someone to fix your bike if you feel like any of those things is malfunctioning.


When it comes to choosing a decent bike brand, there are many options available on the market. There are many brands such as Liv, which focus on developing bikes for a specific public. However, we recommend you go for Giant bicycles if you want to receive optimal comfort that allows you to increase speed while driving with no trouble.

Liv is a company that develops road bikes for female riders. We recommend you go for a Giant bike since this company has a wide range of models that work for males, females, and any person regardless of their body characteristics.

Some 2021 Giant bicycles that work perfectly to anyone are the Trance Advanced Pro 1, and the Trance X 29 2.

Giant’s bikes are also one of the best integrated on the market. Each one of them has all the primary features any road bike should have. Some of the best integrated 2021 Giant mountain bikes are the Trance, the Trance Advanced Pro 29 1, and the Trance 29 2.

Whether you need a carbon bike or wheels that allow you to go at full speed, Giant has everything you could want on a bike. Any review would say that Giant bicycles are of the best quality, so don’t hesitate to make Giant your primary bike brand.

Which Type of Mountain Bike Should I Buy?

There is a great range of bikes on the market. You should check all the alternatives you can to pick the option that best fits you and your riding style. A Giant cross bike is not the same as a hardtail or a Giant racing bike, so make sure to think about what you want your bicycle for. Here are the most common types of bikes:

Full Suspension Bicycle

Full suspension Giant bikes are perfect for casual riders who just want to have a comfortable ride. When it comes to comfort, these bikes are a premium choice since their full suspension gives you the support you need to hit the road with no trouble.

Additionally, full-suspension bikes are easy to use. That makes them excellent for beginners and people who are starting to learn how to ride a bike. You can go at a considerable speed with no trouble, so don’t worry about falling or having any problem with these Giant bicycles.

Giant has a considerable stock of suspension bikes. This company’s bikes have made it to the top of reviews because of the comfort they provide to riders. Some of the best 2021 Giant suspension bikes are the Anthem 29 2 and the Stance. Choose this type of road bike if you aim to go cycling on a bike trail!

Hardtail Bicycle

If you are looking for a bike that improves your riding performance, Giant hardtail mountain bikes are a worth considering pick. These bikes have no rear shock and aim to be used off-road. If you want to practice for a race or just have fun cycling at full speed, this is the best type of bike you can choose.

As mentioned before in this review, these gravel bikes have no rear suspension. However, they offer you a front suspension fork that makes your cycling session more dynamic and fun. The way these bikes’ wheels can increase the speed you would normally go on makes your riding performance improve significantly if you take the time to learn how to maneuver them.

It’s better if you use these bikes on an off-road trail since you need the freedom to go at a considerable speed without crashing on anything. As you could notice by reading this review, Giant has a wide range of bikes in its stock, and hardtail bicycles are not an exception.

If you want to purchase that type of bike from this company, you have many options with that type of front suspension fork, such as the Fathom 29 1, the Talon 3, and XTC Advanced SL 29 1.

Aero Bikes

Giant has the most aerodynamic road bikes on the market, and those are its aero bikes. This type of bicycle allows you to change your position depending on the terrain and your taste, so it offers you a different experience each time you use it.

Aero bikes are functional regardless of the trail you decide to go, so you can take a different road every time you want to race. When it comes to deciding which road bike to choose, you also need to consider your performance when cycling. These bikes also help you improve your performance while being on a bicycle.

We only recommend you use this type of road bike if you are an experienced rider. Regardless of that, make sure to use the proper gear to protect your head and other parts of your body when using these bikes. Giant has some interesting aero bikes available such as the Propel Advanced Pro Disc, the Propel Advanced SL Disc, and the Propel Advanced Disc.

Should I Purchase a Giant Bike?

Absolutely! When it comes to improving your performance and comfort, Giant has everything you need to enjoy your daily race. Navigate through their website to check out everything they have to offer you, Remember that you need to choose a bicycle that meets all your needs, to take all the time you require to pick the best bike for you.

Regardless of that, Giant also offers you all the cycling gear you need to hit the road with no trouble. Safety must be a priority for you, so don’t hesitate to invest in anything that can help you feel safer and protects your head.

Wrapping Up

The cycling world is one of the most interesting and fun things you can do. Whether it’s a hobby or you want to learn how to improve your performance to race professionally, anyone who decides to purchase a bicycle has tons of fun assured in the future.

Giant has made a lot for riders worldwide. Their innovative and top-notch designs make cycling a safe and comfortable experience. If you are currently living in Australia, you can check its website and pre-order any bicycle you want.

Yet, you also need to purchase anything you need to have a safe race. Make sure to research what you need to protect your head at all times. Stay tuned to the Giant website to be updated on each post they upload! Giant also posts news, articles, and even a review of some of their products.

You also be interested in the Polygon D7 MTB Review and our guide to MTBs under $1000.

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