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Best Caravan Bike Rack – Our Guide For Australian Campers


January 1, 2022

best racks to carry your bike on a caravan

A bicycle is an excellent addition to your next camping trip or caravan cycling holiday. It is easier to commute with bikes, and you can leave your car at home while on vacation. However, bikes are bulky and difficult to carry around. So, how do you take your bike to the next ‘camping party’ with ease?

Caravan bike racks!

Yes. Caravan bike racks help carry your bike on the car’s exterior body attaching to the tow hitch or the roof racks. There are also bike racks that attach to the front and rear wall of the caravan. The main headache about caravan bike racks is choosing which suits your preferences. How will they fit on the rear doors? Does it have free space for all your bikes? Is there easy access to your car boot or a spare tyre? Such questions should lead you to find the best bicycle rack for cars, caravans, and motorhomes.

You might decide on a caravan bike rack depending on the number of bikes, mounting options, etc. But before we look at the best caravan bike rack, let’s first discuss things you should consider before making a purchase decision. We also have a comprehensive article on the best bike rack for towbars.

Quick Comparison

Fiamma Caravan Bike Pro Bike RackFiamma Caravan Bike Pro Bike Rack

Fiamma quality racks

Check Price
Quick Fit XF2 Folding Bike RackQuick Fit XF2 Folding Bike Rack

Patented Quick Connector

Check PriceCheck Price
Fiamma XLA - 2 Bike Caravan RackFiamma XLA - 2 Bike Caravan Rack

Best Compact Carrier

Check PriceCheck Price
Thule Lift V16 2 Bike Carrier - 12VThule Lift V16 2 Bike Carrier - 12V

Best 12 V Motorised Carrier

Check Price
Coast Super Bike RackCoast Super Bike Rack

Best cheaper caravan bike carrier

Check Price

Things To Consider Before Buying a Caravan Bike Rack

Carrying Capacity

It is important to look at how many bikes a rack can accommodate as you don’t want to overwhelm the materials. Each caravan bike rack model has a specific number of cradles that dictate its carrying capacity. There are some models like hitch racks which carry up to five bicycles.

Your Car Model

Plenty of car owners can’t get around to choosing bike racks suitable for their vehicles. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all model. It would be best to get bike racks that fit your auto model. It is a key factor in determining which bike racks to go with. In addition, you need to know if your car can accommodate roof racks, sliding rail racks, etc.

Safety and Security

You need to buy a caravan bike rack that’s not too weak to make your bikes fall off the road. Some bikes will also have extra anti-theft features, with a locking system that prevents thieves from stealing your bike.

Best Bike Rack For Caravan in Australia

Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C For Rear w/ Mount 2 Bikes

Fiamma went all out on this model geared towards caravan and motorhome owners. However, its weight and style may not fit all kinds of caravans.

It can hold up to two bicycles, but you can add more bikes if you maintain the 60-kg maximum bike capacity and upgrade the kit. Adding more bikes is useful, especially when you have a family. The bike rack has a simple design and is easy to install. All you need to do is mount the rack below the rear window of the RV. You’ll need a 40 to 50 cm mounting space.

The bike rack’s rail support system is built by specially designed shock absorbers and is double-enforced to secure your bike. As a result, it is an ideal bike rack for strong bikes, and you’ll use it for years without wear and tear.

top fiamma bike rack for a caravan


  • 2-bike capacity upgradable up to four bikes
  • Easy to install
  • One year warranty
  • 60 kg weight capacity


  • Quite heavy
  • Costly

Quick Fit XF2 Folding Bike Rack

The Quick Fix XF2 Folding Bike rack was made with convenience in mind. It is easy to transport bikes from one place to another during an outdoor event. The patented connector has an excellent feature that helps to load and unload a breeze.

It has a unique folding system for the convenient storing of bikes. It is also an efficient feature when you want to access the boot. Moreover, its folding mechanism ensures the bike has zero chances of falling off holding the tow bars.

Like most bike racks, it holds up to 2 bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 60 kg. Made of aluminium and coated steel, this rack comes with a carrier bag to store it safe when not in use. It is a convenient caravan bike rack that’ll last for a long time.

best aussie bike rack for caravan


  • Easy to install
  • Foldable and tiltable
  • Lasts for long
  • Extra carrier bag


  • Costly
  • Heavy bike rack (approx 17kg)
  • Non-upgradable

Fiamma Carry Bike Caravan XL A 2 Bikes

The Fiamma Caravan A frame bike rack is a dainty yet convenient version of Fiamma’s line of products. It seamlessly fits into the A frame of your bike and has a pivoting structure to allow for storage compartment access. The caravan bike rack can hold up to two bikes with a carrying capacity of 35kgs. Though there are other bike racks with higher capacities, the Fiamma Carry Bike Caravan XL has an A-frame caravan bike rack to compensate for its low carrying capacity.

It is one of the most affordable bike racks available for potential caravan owners. The rack comes in an aluminium blocking system, reinforcing two rail support systems. It is strong yet lightweight and compact, allowing you to carry it around easily.

Plus, the Fiamma Carry Bike Caravan XL comes complete with all installation materials like u-bolts, brackets, and other parts.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Solid build quality


  • Unclear installation instructions

Thule Lift V16 2-Bike Carrier, 12V

If you want a sturdy bike rack that can effortlessly hold up e-bikes, the Thile Lift V16 is what you need. It has an adjustable rack that lowers using 12v motors, so you don’t have to sweat while loading bikes.

The rack can hold up to two bikes with a 50kg capacity. Plus, the bike rack comes with an extension to accommodate a third bike.

The Thule Lift V16 is quite a powerful rack and heavy as well. At 18kgs, the bike rack is best suited for motorhomes, a twin axle camper trailer. The rack has a lock system that perfectly secures your bikes on the move. Mounting bikes is easy as the Lift V16 has lockable AcuTight torque knobs to secure bikes.


  • Holds up to 3 bikes
  • Sliding 12V motors
  • Easy bike mounting


  • Quite heavy
  • Very expensive

best thule caravan bike carrier

Coast Super Bike Rack

Look no further than the Coast Super Bike Rack if you want an excellent addition to your caravan for the next outdoor trip. It has a simple but compact design and is lightweight (just under 3kg). Plus, it is quite affordable and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The roof rack comes pre assembled, so you don’t stress mounting rails and fastening bolts. In addition, it is so compact that you can add an extra mounting bracket to fit on the roof. Weighing just 15kg, the Coast Bike Rack is designed for only one bike. Perhaps this is the biggest disadvantage of owning roof mounted bike racks like the Coast Rack.

best budget bike rack


  • Fits all kinds of bikes
  • Comes preassembled
  • Very cheap
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight model


  • Low load capacity at 15kg
  • Only fits one bike
  • Needs and extra Coast roof rack system
  • Hassle to mount bikes on the roof

Winding Up

While the list above talks of the best caravan bike racks, it is not exhaustive. There are tons of bike racks on the market, but we believe our guide gives a glimpse of the excellent ones. Each pick has its uniqueness, carrying capacity, design, etc. For instance, roof racks may not be suitable for seniors or people who’d find it hard to lift bikes before and after every road trip. So, take your time to choose which rack deserves to tag along during your next outdoor trip.

All carrier discussed are suitable for mountain bikes, bike packing bikes, kids bikes, and even trikes.

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