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A Review Of The Polygon Siskiu T8 Mountain Bike



October 23, 2021

polygon siskiu t8 on a trail

Buying a bike may be a complicated process, so you might want to know more about specific options and see if they fit your needs, budget, and riding goals. check out this Polygon Siskiu T8 review and get to know all the model’s features to determine if it’s the right one for you. Also our our Polygon Bend RV review.


This trail bike looks very similar to the 2020 model, and its silhouette looks like the Sisiku D6. However, its features are completely different. Its making consists of a tough alloy frame and a suspension layout.

The Siskiu T8 is a modern trail bike that has an innovative frame, and the rear tube is located at the top, which means you get to include a bottle cage underneath it. To improve the pedaling efficiency of this model, the primary pivot is located in a specific spot as well.

In many cases, brands have stopped selling bike models with various wheel options and they give you only one alternative instead. Nonetheless, with this trail bike, you can decide whether you want 27.5-inch wheels or 29-inch wheels. Picking one or the other gives you different travel outcomes (in the first case, you get 150/140mm of travel, and 140/135mm in the second one).

The Siskiu T8 has a unique shape, and many people believe it’s modern. In addition, the angle of its head is innovative. Its reach measurement grew as well. Overall, it’s a bike you can’t find anywhere else since its design separates it from other models.

Different Trail Bike Models

Some people enjoy having different options when it comes to buying the bike they’re going to use. Fortunately, the Siskiu T8 is available in two spec levels because Polygon is a brand that cares about your experience.

There are similarities between the models – you could say, for example, that each of them is a capable trail bike. They also share their chassis made of alloy, as well as a parts package to take advantage of a progressive tail geometry.

Buying the Polygon Sisikiu T8 means you get a suspension trail bike with a top-of-the-notch rear shock rear wheel, an innovative wheel size, and an item you can use in rough terrain. Its suspension design allows it to be a one-of-a-kind item, which shows that modern geometry trends might be a convenient option for you.

The mid-travel trail bike has an alloy wheelset with tubeless tires, rims, and bolt-up front and rear axles. At the same time, the hydraulic disc has four pistons and 180mm rotors, and both specs options have a 1×12 Shimano drivetrain.

If you’re very worried about safety while you’re driving the Siskiu T8, you can add a chain guide that offers full coverage since the trail bike has ISCG 05 tabs that easily let you do the job. Considering that not all trail bikes give you that option, you should definitely keep it in mind if it’s something you value.

Even though the Polygon Siskiu T8 might be an odd model for some, this mid-travel trail bike has a short seat tube of 150-170mm dropper posts, and 780mm riser bars.

It’s clear that both models share many components, but there are also some pivotal differences between them, and you can find them in their suspension travel specs and running gear characteristics.

If you buy the lower-cost trail bike, you get a Deluxe shock, Reckon fork, and Deore drivetrain. However, that’s not the case with the Polygon Siskiu T8 since it has an SLX drivetrain, a Fox 34 Rhythm fork, and a Float DPS shock.

Different customers say the Polygon Siskiu T8 is a fantastic alternative that tops many competitors. Its specs are unique and include characteristics riders like you might be looking for, such as a stubby stem, big riser bars, etc.

Comparing Prices

The mountain bike industry is characterised by being an expensive one. Despite the fact that all sorts of people want to become riders, many bikes are extremely expensive, which makes things complicated if you’re on a budget. Furthermore, prices have risen in the last few years, so it’s no wonder that potential customers want to know how much the Polygon Siskiu T8 is worth.

Although bike prices are on the rise, the market also offers items that have much better quality. If you take a look at the models’ rear suspension, rear shock, pedal kickback, steep seat angle, and linkage-driven single pivot, you might quickly realise that the bikes are impressive, even if they’re not high-end models. Cheaper options have fantastic characteristics as well.

Knowing whether or not the Polygon Siskiu T8 is worth the price is not possible unless you compare it to other models. Thus, here is a list with the Siskiu T8 and other bikes around the same price point:

  • Giant Trance X 29 3: $3,799 AUD
  • Canyon Neuron AL 7.0: $3,599 AUD
  • Norco Fluid FS 1: $3,599 AUD
  • Commencal Meta TR Origin: $3,499 AUD
  • Polygon Siskiu T8: $3,399 AUD
  • Merida One-Twenty 600: $3,299 AUD
  • Trek Fuel EX 5: $3,299 AUD
  • Specialised Stumpjumper Alloy: $3,200 AUD
  • Marin Rift Zone: $2,999 AUD

Now that you’ve taken a look at that list, the fact that the Polygon Siskiu T8 is many people’s favourite is probably not a surprise. With Fox, Float DPS shock, a powerful read tire, mid-stroke support, and a unique head angle, customers often love it from the moment they first try it out. Nonetheless, good-quality reviewers need a test bike to offer you the most accurate information on the specs and size, so keep reading.

Size and Other Specs

The Polygon Siskiu T8 comes in two different sizes: small and medium. Therefore, you can pick the one that suits you best. Additionally, it weighs no more than 15.08kg including its tubes, so it’s not a lightweight model.

This bike is $3,399 AUD and compared to similar models, it’s not as expensive, but also not the cheapest bike you could find on the market. It’s halfway through the comparison list, so overall, it is an affordable option without being the cheaper one.

Buying the Siskiu T8 gives you an Entity Xtent saddle and a 35mm-long alloy Entity Xpert stem. Moreover, it has four-piston brakes with 180mm rotors, so you can be safe at all times while riding it. The Shimano drivetrain and wheels are also unique, and make this model a one-of-a-kind bike. Furthermore, the frame is made of alloy and has a 135mm-travel single-pivot suspension design.

People who are around 170 cm tall often love the Siskiu T8 since it offers many positive characteristics. It’s comfortable, and its reach is 460mm long, which makes it convenient without being too extravagant.

However, not everything is good when it comes to the Siskiu T8. Even though the model’s size is convenient for many people, some believe the stock shape is extremely straight. Therefore, you might experience pressure on your palms while you’re riding it.

Additionally, if you compare it to the Fuel EX and the Stumpjumper, the stack may not be the best, either. Consequently, many users have had to make some adjustments to their riding technique to lift some weight off their hands.

The Set-up Process

When you buy a Siskiu T8, it arrives at a box on your doorstep. In many cases, riders worry about the setup process because some bikes are hard to build. You might think it could take too long for you to prepare the bike before using it.

Even though some bikes require you to spend a lot of time on the build-up process, that’s not the case with the Siskiu T8. The set-up is extremely easy, and the box includes a multi-tool so you can fit the handlebar, the front wheel, and the seat post. There is also room to fit a phone holder. We recommend the Quad Lock.

If you’re a new owner, you need to buy a shock pump. Otherwise, you can’t set up the air pressure. You need it to be perfect to take advantage of all the bike’s features, so it’s a very important thing to keep in mind if you’ve never bought any other bikes before.

Polygon recommends a 30% sag for the rear end. The best way to achieve this is to sit on the bike while it’s stationary and adjust the shock stanchion. Move it 16.5mm away from the seal and you’re good to go.

Many bikes may be simple to build at first, but as you start adjusting features, you might notice that there’s more to it. However, the Siskiu T8 offers an immensely straightforward build-up process, especially when it comes to the Fork 34 Rhythm.

All you need to do is follow the instructions manual, and you can have your bike ready to go. The model’s blue compression lever is fully adjustable, so you can decide where you want it to be. Therefore, if you want to have support in your descents, make sure to adjust it so it’s a third of the way in.

You can weigh the bike once you get it out of the box – it’s 15.08kg including the inner tubes, but it comes without pedals. The rims and tires are tubeless compatible, which might be convenient. Nonetheless, you have to BYO the sealant, valves, and rims to make it a tubeless setup, which is an added cost factor.

The Hans Dampf tires are wide, and that makes the bike have an aggressive appearance. You can perfectly run low pressures as well due to their high volume.

Performance When Climbing

Once you take a look at the Siskiu T8, you might be scared because of its big tires and heavyweight. On some occasions, bikes with similar characteristics are terrible climbers. However, that’s not the case with this model.

While you’re climbing, you may notice that the T8’s suspension is always stable as long as you remain seated. Additionally, the chain toque helps you slightly extend the shock, which is convenient as well.

The seat tube angle is 76.5°, and that allows you to feel immensely comfortable while you’re going uphill. It’s excellent and stable, and you can easily use it to climb.

Even so, the rear shock is active when you rely on the Open mode, and you might sink into the stroke while you’re on steep descents. It can become even worse if you’re standing up, but not all hope is lost – there’s a way to improve this feature.

Checking the shock might quickly remind you that there’s a blue three-position lever with both firm and medium settings, so you can quickly choose which one you want to rely on. If you’re riding on bitumen, you might want to go with the firm option since it’s a complete lockout.

On the other hand, the medium position is more convenient if you’re off-road because it focuses on the compression damping of the shock to help you go through steeper climbs. With this option, you can feel firm while you’re traveling. Therefore, it makes your bike more efficient, and it also lifts the BB height, which means you get a better clearance as well.

Examining the features of the Siskiu T8 might quickly make you feel firm while you’re going uphill, but you should keep in mind that it’s not the best climber in the world. The traction is decent, but there are some drawbacks as well.

Some riders, for example, believe that the bike has a short rear travel feature, which causes you to have trouble while you’re weighing the front part of the bike. Consequently, keeping it on-line might be hard on some occasions, and that’s why the Stumpjumper or the Giant Trace X could have better specs in this regard.

Considering the bigger picture, the Siskiu T8 offers decent climbing features. It’s not the best climbing bike out there, but it helps you go uphill without any major issues. You could also improve the climbing position if you get a longer stem, but you might compromise the handling, so bear that in mind when you’re adjusting it.

People Say it’s Smooth

One of the best features of the Siskiu T8 has is that it offers an almost floaty performance when you’re using it on the trail. The high volume rubber and active suspension performance allow this model to provide you with a fantastic experience, and that’s one of the many reasons why some people love it.

The Fox 34 Rythm is smooth on the front of the bike, and its brake levers, seat tubes, supple suspension, bite point, head tube handle, internal cable routing, and rear tire are all part of a decent, comfortable, and fun travel experience as well.

In comparison to the FIT4 version, the Fox 34 might be even better since it’s sensitive and comfortable, and the rear shock balances it very well. It might come as a surprise for you, especially since the FIT4 is more expensive. In this case, the cost of it is not what really matters – the cheaper feature can offer you a better performance, which is very convenient if you’re already on a budget.

Additionally, the T8 offers a low leverage ratio, and the rate is lower so you can get a smooth and decent performance. You also get a light compression tune on the inside and a high-volume air can, which are part of the Fox Float DPS.

In other words, you get a comfortable and nice suspension you’re able to enjoy while you’re using the bike. Riders can experience medium-sized impacts and the most common trailing speeds, and the model never wavers, so it’s reliable and trustworthy. You can use it through the mid-stroke and never worry since the features are always sturdy.

Moreover, the tires offer one of the best traction features you could find out there. Other bikes might offer you better deals when it comes to different characteristics such as price or climbing capability, but the T8 has innovative and high-quality tires.

The bike has wide rims, which might seem odd at first, but it works perfectly well with its tires. Many people don’t like Hans Dampfs, but these work incredibly with the T8 since the rims support them. As a consequence, regardless of the low pressures you run, the tires can still remain stable and with very little variation.

When you get a bike, you’re probably looking for different features, such as a convenient head tube angle, powerful rear-wheel travel, a threaded bottom bracket shell, useful brake levers, a climb switch, a beautiful design, and a price you can afford.

However, you also need to consider the tires since they’re an essential part of the item, especially because you’re going to ride your bike on mountains and rough terrains. Therefore, you should make sure the tires are trustworthy – you wouldn’t want them to have holes the first time you take your bike out.

Fortunately, buying the T8 gives you SnakeSkin casings, which are extremely durable. They can endure a lot without experiencing side tears or puncturing, and that’s essential for every mountain bike rider.

When you’re descending at high speeds, you need to be careful. The tires are trustworthy, but they could be overwhelmed or float due to the specific characteristics of their casing. In some cases, people have mentioned chubby tires are prone to grab an edge when you don’t want it, so you should also pay attention to narrow ruts.

If you want to enjoy off-piste singletracks and steeper journeys, you should consider getting something like Magic Mary to help you have a firmer hold while you’re using the bike.

Even though the Hans Dampfs have several disadvantages, they are high-quality, endurable, chubby, and strong tires. Thus, overall, they are immensely resistant, and they can offer you features no other option can.

The T8 is definitely unique when it comes to its wheels, which is something you should never forget when you’re comparing features and deciding if this one is the best alternative for you.

The Bike Is Fun to Use

One of the main reasons why so many riders love the T8 is because it’s immensely fun to use on the trail. It’s a sporty model, and it’s capable of accompanying you through your fast rides without suffering any major damage or giving you much trouble.

Steering the bike is an extremely straightforward process due to its short stem. Additionally, its chainsaw length is very compact, something that you might not get if you buy a different model.

The Siskiu T8 may not be as rough as the N model, but it is very agile, so it’s the ideal pick for riders who enjoy going at speeds on different terrains. It might be the option you’re looking for if you want to quickly descent, and don’t mind a bit of layback while you’re going uphill.

Since it has a sloping tube, you get all the space you need to move the bike and lean it over. Turning and tipping the model is also easy, and once you’re engaged with your turn, the T8’s suspension, bracket, and rest of the features can keep you steady.

Even though the T8 is not particularly whippy, turning doesn’t require much effort from you. Therefore, its agility, speed, and sturdiness make it a wonderful model for riders who want to enjoy fast speeds and have a good time.

It Holds Very Well

All bikes are different, even when it comes to their paint job. Each model has specific volume spacers, a unique head angle, pedal bob, seat angle, and so on. At the same time, every alternative has advantages and disadvantages.

Purchasing a bike to ride on a mountain is a challenging process, and you have to keep several factors in mind. Nonetheless, one of the most important characteristics you should consider is the bike’s resistance and trustworthiness, especially when it comes to speed.

Compared to other models, the Siskiu T8 is flexible, though steady, and easy to use. Some bikes are incapable of properly holding the line, especially if they’re light. Thus, you might feel slightly skittish or unsteady, but that’s not the case at all with the T8.

The T8’s wheels are on the heavy side, but they are also what allows the bike to stabilise your pace while you’re descending at a speed. Despite the fact that they might hinder your acceleration when you’re going uphill, they’re a great addition to have while you’re going down.

Furthermore, you also get fantastic support in the suspension feature. Since the travel’s end has a ramping rear shock, it’s steady, and you can confidently enjoy it.

In some cases, you might be able to modify or adjust certain features on your bike. However, that’s not true for all models, so you should find out whether the one you pick allows it or not. Fortunately, the T8 has customizable features, which is essential if you want to tweak its characteristics to enhance your riding experience.

You could, for example, tweak the rear suspension, add volume spacer to the fork, etc. Thus, you could examine all the possibilities and choose the settings that best fit your weight and size.

The Specs Might be Strange for Some

Overall, the T8 is an extremely heavy and large bike, with chubby tires and aggressive features. Some riders believe the specs are just too much for them, which is understandable. Nonetheless, that doesn’t change all the qualities you might be able to enjoy if you buy it.

If you ask around, some people might say the bike has an odd shape since the handlebar is flat and the grips have no inner sleeve.

Buying a bike might seem like a challenging process if you only focus on having the most incredible characteristics, and on finding the perfect model for your riding goals. However, that might not possible sometimes.

Therefore, under some circumstances, riders often swap the parts of the bikes, which is a convenient alternative if a specific feature is not convincing enough for you, but you enjoy the other characteristics the model offers you.

Final Verdict

This Polygon Siskiu T8 review examined all the models’ features, and it’s a sturdy bike you can use to ride in the mountains. Even though it may not have the best climbing capability, it’s sturdy, trustworthy, and reliable.

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