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The Complete Guide To Second Hand Mountain Bikes Australia

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January 11, 2021

dirty second hand mountain bike

The Complete Guide To Second Hand Mountain Bikes Australia

Like all things new, a shiny brand-spanking-new mountain bike is exciting! Untouched, untarnished, and top-of-the-line, the anticipation of taking it out to the trails for the first time is a real thrill.

Second-hand mountain bikes are equally shiny and can give you the exact same thrill of a new bike but with a significant difference – PRICE.

Just like buying a slightly used car can save you thousands, you should consider buying a used mountain bike for the same reason and still get a bang-good-value for your money. There is a good chance that the MTB you've been lusting for the past one year is now in the used market at a greatly reduced price.

Where To Buy Second Hand Mountain Bikes In Australia

Back in the day, heck, a couple of months ago before Covid19, our advice would be a resounding brick and mortar bike shop. But, since the pandemic, more people have shifted more towards online market platforms like eBay or 99bikes. This is because:

  • of competitive prices.
  • A wider selection of bikes.
  • Detailed specification and reviews.
  • Time-Saving.
  • No pushy salesmen trying to upsell you.

However, dropping hundreds of dollars on something you haven't seen is always worrisome, especially when it's something that needs to fit you properly. So, we've reviewed some of the best places (and why) to purchase a second-hand bike online.

eBay –#1 Cheap Second Hand Mountain Bike Website

Whichever MTB you are looking for, eBay is the best place to score a great deal.

It's one of the best and most recommended sites for buying a bike online. They have all types of bikes, including BMX Bikes, Comfort Bikes, Kids Bikes, Trail Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and Road Bikes, among others. If you know exactly what you want, it's easy to narrow down the search into subcategories and brands — with everything from high-end manufacturers to more budget-friendly options; they've got something for everyone.

Alchemy – #1 Store For Second Hand Mountain Bikes Melbourne

Alchemy Cycle Trader is a unique second-hand bike business specializing in high-end second-hand bikes in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. They usually stock ex-demo bikes from wholesalers, ex-team bikes from renowned cyclists, and pre-owned bicycles on behalf of private owners.

They act as middlemen between sellers and buyers.

How they work.

  • They receive the bike from the seller and thoroughly clean it to make it easy to identify issues for repair.
  • The bike then undergoes a full Roadworthy Certification process to ensure the bike is safe and operating well.
  • Once the bike is in a roadworthy and superb condition, they post it on their website and other sites like Bike-Exchange, eBay, and gumtree.

BikeExchange – #1 Second Hand Mountain Bikes Melbourne Store

Bikeexchange.com.au is a platform where independent retailers can come and quickly and easily set up a virtual shop for their products. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything bikes – bikes, bike parts, bike accessories, bike events, and bike tours & holidays.

They have retailers listed across the country, but a large percentage of their listed retailers are mainly from Melbourne. When customers successfully locate the bike or item they want, they can either click “Buy Now” to purchase through the platform or “Click & Collect” to pick up the item in-store.


Gumtree is one of the best places to find the cheapest mountain bikes online in Australia. Their website may seem a little overwhelming at first, but the site is actually pretty easy to use and filter through brands, prices, sizes, gender, model year, and more niche specs like drive train, frame material, among others. Gumtree is pretty much like eBay.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace and groups are great tools to refine your bike search locally and to a set budget.

To get started, search for your area or postcode + name of the bike, or words like “Second Hand Mountain Bikes Perth or Second Hand Mountain Bikes Brisbane. This makes it easy to find bikes within your area where you can go and inspect before making a purchase.

Once you find the bike you want, take a peek at the sellers’ profile (– friends, photos, comments, etc.)to get an idea of the person selling the used bike. You will get some sort of security if it’s a well-established profile that doesn’t seem fake or recently made.

Then, if the seller has listed his/her contact number, it’s best to call them. Ask as many questions about the bike and its history as possible before arranging a meet. If they can’t answer your queries, then it might be a stolen bike or a scam. Of course, always be careful when meeting a stranger. Suggest meeting in a public place you will be safe and comfortable with. (this applies to all the other platforms as well).

Here are a few Facebook groups that we found to be resourceful:

How To Safely Buy A Mountain Bike Online

There’s no doubt that buying a bike from a physical shop keeps your mind at peace. But, generally speaking, you can find better deals online.

Here are a few tips to help you safely buy on online marketplaces, even for the newest buyers:

Define the kind of bike you need

Will you be riding mostly around your local trails? Or will you be doing cross country?

Browsing through thousands of bike listings can be overwhelming, especially with so many good bikes being on the market. So, before you can find the right bike, you first have to identify your riding style.

Read The Description

Carefully read through the description before making a purchase. If you are not satisfied with the description, contact the seller and ask. The item description should contain vital information, such as:

  • Frame size and measurements
  • Type of brakes used
  • Wheel Size
  • Bike age
  • Bike suspension
  • Defects, damage, or issues with the item, if any.
  • Accessories included with the item, if any.
  • Payment options
  • Return policy and details.

If you are a rookie and not sure of what you are looking for, read this review. It covers, in detail, a few things you ought to know before you can purchase a bike.

Seller Feedback

Don’t just assume the overall rating; read the seller feedback before buying the bike. Read through the to see what previous buyers have said about the seller. How’s the timing of shipments? How are items packaged? What of the overall buyer experience?

How does the seller respond to buyers? Is he thankful, polite, and appreciative of buyers? If other buyers had a positive experience with the seller, you are more likely to have the same experience.

Avoid Off-Platform Offers

While it might seem like you are saving a few dollars by moving the transaction from the site, you might end up with no bike and no money. By keeping communication and transactions within the platform, you are guaranteed buyer protection coverage if a problem arises later on.

You should also note that some platforms like eBay consider off-platform communication a major violation and can result in suspension or closure of your account.

Always Check The Photos

If you can’t check the bike in person, scrutinizing the photos is the only way to view the bike’s condition. If the images are blurry, ask for high-resolution images. Zoom and scrutinize each photo looking for any sign of mistreatment or disrepair.

A broken part or scratched paint is not necessarily a reason to avoid it. You can replace small breakages (sometimes even bigger ones) at a low cost with second-hand parts. Check out the average pricing for a replacement part and weigh up your options.

Also, pay attention to the background, as it might offer clues to how the previous owner stored the bike.

Confirm It’s Not Stolen

Do a quick search of the bike and stolen bikes in your area on the Propertyvault website. A quick 5-minute search won’t hurt, and it will save you from a lot of trouble in case the bike was stolen.

Questions To Ask When Buying A Second-Hand MTB.

  • Where and when did you buy your MTB?
  • Are you the first owner?
  • Have you got the original purchase receipt?
  • Why are you selling your bike?
  • How often did you use it and where?
  • When was the last time the bike had a service, where was it serviced, and what work was carried out?
  • Is there any faulty part in the bike?
  • How’s the condition of the bike chain?
  • Has any component or the frame ever been replaced or repaired?
  • What is the size of the bike frame?

Finally, Making a deal.

Once you’ve identified the bike you want, confirmed the seller’s identity, and satisfied with their response, it’s time to strike a deal.

Most sellers usually indicate a higher price than they expect, so go in with a low offer but within reason. If you are not sure of the counter-price to offer, check similar listings to see the average price.

Once you’ve settled on the price, ask if it’s possible to pick up the bike in person. If not, be wary of the deal.

Time to explore the trails on your perfectly new (sort of), functioning, all-singing, all-dancing bike!

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