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Review – Trek Marlin 7 Mountain Bike – Australia

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August 11, 2020

is the trek marlin 7 great

One of the most tantalizing additions to the Marlin family of recreational and professional bicycles has been the Trek Marlin 7 and also the Trek 3500 MTB.

For fans and enthusiasts of cross-country bike riding, this marvel of modern biking could not come at a more convenient time. Most of us are not doing particularly fond of the lockdown conditions imposed as a result of the Coronavirus and crave for the outdoors.

Well, with an excellent machine like the Marlin 7 bike, you can experience the outdoors in a new and refreshing manner. It is an excellent bike that comes at a relatively low price of about $800.

Trek Marlin 7 Review Summary (Quick Stats)

If you don't have time to read the full article, here is our quick review.

Trek is obvious leader in global bike tech. The Marlin 7 brings all the leading tech in a value for money package. Reliable and robust, it's only the best entry level full suspension MTB's on the Australian market right now. You can view more information on the Trek Australia site.

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars




PRICE (at time of writing)


At this premium cost, it is the costliest bike of the Marlin line. Its advanced features are worth every penny on its price tag. It is for the true outdoorsy type, one who understands that a great bike makes all the difference on a cross-country bike excursion.

The machine enjoys excellent reviews from its users. It is built primarily for the cross-country biking enthusiast. Trek, the Marlin bike manufacturer, seems to have this particular model as a flagship model to other pricier models.

The most notable features of the Trek Marlin are its superior suspension, lightweight frame, and good quality brakes. At its current low price, the machine is a steal. Its low pricing belies the fact the Marlin is a race-worthy machine with superior capabilities. Below is an in-depth analysis of its features.

trek marlin 7 on a trail


The frame of the Trek M 7 is an Alpha Silver Aluminum material. This material is not only hard but is lightweight enough to make riding the Marlin a smooth, enjoyable process. To increase the aesthetics of the bike and also in a bid to make the work of cleaning dirt and mud off its surface, the T. M. 7 has internal cabling.

The brake hose of this bike has also been routed internally. Another very essential component of this bike is the RockShox fork suspension. For those bike enthusiasts with experience in mountain biking, the RockShox brand elicits nothing but excitement and enthusiasm.

They are famed for making the best bike suspensions in the business. Nowadays, the company has over 15 different suspension forks for a wide range of bicycles. The bike has a lockout feature on its RockShox suspension, making it an ideal bike for mountain biking. Note: If you use a mountain bike trainer, make you should check it's compatible with the T.M. 7.


The T. M. 7 is a 100 mm travel bike, which means that it is the ideal bike for cross-country biking. Any biker with enough experience under his belt will tell you that any bike with a relatively short travel of about 120 mm or less is the perfect machine to take you across swathes of countryside and rugged terrain. The T. M. 7 fits this bill perfectly.

As we have reiterated above, its modern, lightweight features and appropriate travel make it a race-worthy bike. This means that you can potentially enter cross-country races with the T. M. 7 and actually win them! For an entry-level bike, this is no mean feat but a culmination of superior engineering from the Trek bike series manufacturers.


In keeping with the T. M. 7's superior quality, its drivetrain has been manufactured to conform to the best standards in the industry today. Drivetrain refers to all the different parts and components of a bike used to get it moving along.

The pedals, derailleur, chain, and cogs all form part of the drivetrain. The exceptional bike features a 2× drivetrain that results in shorter and quicker jumps whenever you change gears.

Ultimately, this results in a smoother riding experience, making the T. M. 7 a perfect bike for those who are only beginning to enjoy mountain biking and cross country bike trips. To be sure, the Marlin 7 features a 2×9 drivetrain. This means that it has two gears in the front and nine in the back. This higher gear range also allows for a comfortable riding experience.

The 2× drivetrain on the machine provides a more significant performance as it allows for a higher gear range and a smoother experience whenever you change gears. For cross-country biking or mountain biking, this quicker and easier change of gears will enable you to climb inclines much faster than with a 1× drivetrain.

Braking System

You should realize that there are all kinds of brakes for use in just about any road bike type. Disc brakes are by far the most advanced form of braking system as they are more efficient and safer to use.

They constitute a significant improvement on the more standard rim brakes. Rim brakes are apt to fail during cold and wet conditions, making them quite an inferior option.

However, disc brakes have more stopping power and work excellently under any weather condition. Disc brakes are either hydraulic or mechanical.

Whereas mechanical disc brakes are operated quite simply with a cable, hydraulic disc brakes are operated by a complex fluid mechanism.

Despite their higher cost, hydraulic disc brakes are far more efficient and take less force to have your bike grind to a halt.

As a high-end model, the bike features a top of the range Shimano hydraulic disc brake system, allowing you to hit your brakes with little effort and contributing to an overall positive riding experience. 

Rear Derailleur

For maximum efficiency in the roughest of riding conditions, the T. M. 7 has a Shimano Shadow Rear Derailleur that protects you from jutting branches, rocks, and other stuff that may get in the way of your bike's chain.

When cross-country biking, one naturally anticipates rough conditions. The Shimano rear derailleur is designed for those critical moments when you have to forge forward aggressively. This ultimately ensures your safety during your outdoor forays.

The Trek Marlin-7 is the starting point for all race bikes. It is at the lowest end of the pricing spectrum. Known for its lightweight components, all from high-end manufacturers, the Marlin 7 also has the most extensive range of gears in the Marlin line.

 If you are new to the mountain biking scene, then this is the bike for you. It is pocket-friendly, but it also has a combination of the latest technology and safety features to protect you when you are all alone in the outdoors, seeking the excitement and freedom that only cross country riding can offer.

Sleek, Aesthetic Design Of The Frame

We understand your motivations and anticipate your needs. This is why we highly recommend the Trek Marlin 7. Not only is it technically adept, but it also has this sleek, aesthetic look that is quite the attraction.

 If you are living in an urban setting but still desire a good mountain bike to take you from Point A to B without any hassle, then the Marlin 7 comes highly recommended.

It has rear rack mounts on which it is quite easy to attach and secure your belongings. Buyers of the Trek Marlin 7 will be pleased to learn that the bike is covered by a lifetime warranty, like all other Marlin bikes.

Other bikes that are similar include the D7 Siskiu from Polygon. You can also find bikes similar in pricing including MTBs under $1000, and mountain bikes under $2000.

Varying Frame Sizes

The Marlin bikes come in a variety of frame sizes. This is in order to fit riders of diverse ages and sizes. The Trek Marlin 7 is no exception to this rule. With a sleek and elegant design, the bike looks and feels like a much more expensive brand.

Simply put, the bike provides excellent value for your money. Its design emphasizes durability. For example, the internal cabling and brake hose routing protect the critical parts of this bike from the elements.

Many bike enthusiasts who have had the pleasure of riding the Marlin 7 report that it handles well in a variety of situations. They range from the open road, mountain trails, and even downhill slopes that aren't very steep. That said, however, it is essential to note that this bike is not tubeless compatible.

The Marlin 7 is famous for its sleekness and versatility. Of course its low to moderate pricing also contributes significantly to its popularity. Everything from the suspension to the hydraulic disc brakes is top of the line. In making the Trek Marlin 7, no expense has been spared.

Only the best makers of bike parts have been contracted in the making of the bike. The foundation of the Trek Marlin 7 is the lightweight frame. It is simple yet stylish. Not only does the aluminum frame quite beautiful, but it is also powerful.

Most bikes that start at this price range are designed to be used by the casual, recreational user. The Marlin 7, however, has been designed with a focus on a more serious and passionate cadre of riders. It caters to the desires and needs, not to mention budget, of first-time bike enthusiasts.

With its quality parts and components from big brand manufacturers, it is easy to see why it continues to dominate the market for mountain bikes.

Almost all the users of this bike report give positive feedback on it. As we saw before, the Trek line of bike does come in a wide array of sizes, meaning that ultimately you are likely to find the bike that best suits you in a Trek store.


It goes without saying that the wheels are some of the most basic and crucial components of a bike. The wheels of the Trek Marlin 7 have double-walled rims. As is the norm for many mountain bike wheels, the back wheel is slightly wider than the front wheel, making for more comfortable riding.

The reason behind this technique is that the front tire should ordinarily be used for steering and controlling the bike while the back wheel offers the necessary stability. The Marlin 7 operates using Bontrager tires, which provide the required traction against all kinds of surfaces and weather conditions.

Disc Plate

Hydraulic discs operate the braking system of the Trek Marlin 7. The manufacturer of this critical part is Tektro, whose high quality contributes to the brakes' more elevated and more efficient control. At around 14 kilograms, the Trek Marlin 7 is not exactly a light bike. However, its weight compares favorably among other bikes of the same range.

Trek Bicycles, the USA-based bike manufacturers, seem to have hit on a winning formula with the Trek Marlin 7. Though they have an extensive portfolio of over thirty bicycle models, it is the Marlin 7 that seems to have the most considerable pull among bike enthusiasts.

This hardtail cross-country bike continues to wow both recreational and competitive bike riders with its combination of sleek design, top-of-the-range components, and proven capability.


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Why Do We Recommend The Trek Marlin 7?

There are several reasons why we strongly recommend the Trek Marlin 7 for anyone, whether it is for recreational or professional purposes. The first and most apparent is its pocket-friendly cost. However, ultimately it is its design and performance that have set it apart, making it a fan favorite.

Trek Bicycles takes the trouble to ensure that every one of the wheels fits precisely in its specific frame. The wide range of frame sizes for the Trek Marlin 7 ensures that every size and age has been catered for. In addition, the Marlin 7 is subject to Trek's lifetime warranty for its Marlin line.

If you are searching for a suitable cross-country hardtail bike, you can rest assured that this is the perfect fit. Not only is it affordable, but it can also hold its own against more technically advanced and established models.

Trek has relied on credible and reliable partners like Shimano and Tektro to deliver the best quality bike components.

Everyone has unique tastes and preferences. Your tastes will ultimately determine the best bicycle for you. In addition to taste and preference, your budget will also have implications on the bike you choose to buy.

After all is said and done, the Trek Marlin 7 is the bike that checks all the boxes; it is both technically capable and cheap. We highly recommend it. While it's less expensive that a bike such as the Trek Roscoe 8, it certainly still matches up for performance.

Trek also sell a range of E Mountain bikes.

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