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A Review Of The Trinx Bike Brand – Are They Any Good?


February 3, 2022

Trinx bike review

Trinx Bikes Summary (Quick Stats)

If you don't have time to read the full article, here is our quick review.

If you're looking for that unicorn bike....the one that is affordable and robust, these bikes are worth a look. With a bike for every purpose, they're fast becoming very popular in Australia.

Overall Rating:
4/5 stars




PRICE RANGE (at time of writing)

$100 - $1800

One of the best things about owning a road or mountain bike is that you can explore outdoors, and they can help you get in shape. With every passing day, the popularity of bikes is growing. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a road or mountain bike, especially if it comes from a brand like Trinx.

There are hundreds of bike brands available in the market. However, Trinx is a brand that has grabbed the attention of a lot of people. From their collection of entry-level bikes to e-bikes, Trinx is gradually expanding its horizon for all types of bike buyers.

Not to mention, Trinx boasts of one of the best production qualities in the market. So, if you’ve been looking for some advice on whether or not to buy a Trinx bike, we can help you out.

This Trinx bike review will demystify if Trinx bikes stand on their claims or not. Without further ado, let’s cycle our way to exploring Trinx bikes!

About Trinx Bike Brand

Before we jump to a detailed Trinx bike review, let’s know more about the brand and how it started. Trinx came into existence in 2006. It belongs to the Trinity Group, which was founded around the 90s.

It is one of the first names in the market that offers domestic leisure sports bikes. One of the leading products under Trinx’s portfolio is a mid-grade and high-grade mountain bike.

Additionally, Trinx deals with children’s bikes, road bikes, city bikes, and E-bikes.

Throughout its years in the market, Trinx has developed innovative bike models. Moreover, you’ll also spot Trinx contributing to many local area events. Other than that, it hosts several non-professional mass cycling events and professional cycling activities. The brand focuses its efforts on spreading the word about riding culture.

Why Should You Purchase a Trinx Bike

You might be confused about whether or not to invest in a Trinx bike. Well, to make your task easy, we’ve enlisted all the positives about the bicycle brand. Trinx reeks of quality and durability. From the brakes and wheels to the rest of the components, everything is top-notch!

After surfing through hundreds of customer reviews, this is what we found about Trinx bikes:

They’re Super Affordable

Cyclists no longer have to spend a thousand dollars to purchase a quality and reliable bike. You can get a premium cycle at half the cost at Trinx. The beginner-level bikes at Trinx start at as low as somewhere around $100. However, the customised bikes are much costlier than any other product range.

You don’t need to break your bank to get home the best Trinx bikes. The highly affordable price tags are why Trinx is a rage among cyclists. Trinx also offers cycling equipment at a good price.

Highly Quality of Production & Durability

When it comes to the durability and quality of the components, it is hard to think of any name that can beat Trinx. The brand makes sure to use the highest quality materials to deliver maximum comfort and safety. For the fork, Trinx uses Hi-ten Steel 700c.

On the other hand, using REPUTE alloy mechanical disc for brakes is another step towards enhancing the overall quality. The bikes can endure high rider weight capacity thanks to the premium build quality.

kids trinx bike

Availability of a variety of bikes

Trinx is your one-stop shop when it comes to road bikes. Besides road bikes, you will also come across a range of other bicycles apt for different terrains. What’s more, they have a separate section for your toddlers.

You can also check out their equipment section, which has a wide variety of products. Several users agree that their full-suspension range is unlike any other.

Enjoys Positive Reputation Across the Globe

Trinx is a Chinese brand with its primary production facility in the Philippines. The brand has four significant headquarters – Iran, Russia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

The brand is recognised worldwide and has quickly become a familiar entity in the bicycle market. Trinx has expanded its reach by hosting and sponsoring many local and international events.

Top 5 Trinx Bikes

Trinx offers 50+ varieties of bikes. They provide bikes in several categories: mountain bikes, city bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, kids bikes, and more. We have enlisted the top five options to help you avoid a bad experience and pick the perfect bicycle. Cyclists or beginners, Trinx bikes can impress anyone! So let’s find out how the Trinx bicycles fare.

Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bikes

One of the most valuable features of the Trinx Tempo is its Shimano SL-A050 levers with shifting gears that offer a pretty smooth ride. You’ll also find the CST tires to be well suited for the street.

The alloy frame of this bike is relatively light and apt for entry-level riders. Another reason why it’s great for beginners is its low price point.

You’ll also love the bright colour schemes available for this model. The steel fork in this bike does a great job of handling shocks and vibrations.


  • Frame TRINX Alloy 700C×460500540MM
  • Fork Hi-Ten Steel 700C
  • Brake Alloy Side Pull Brake
  • Rim TRINX Alloy Double Wall
  • Tires CST C-1406 700*25C

Trinx M100 IX Majestic Bike

The next model on our Trinx bike review is the Trinx M100 IX Majestic. This bike from Trinx showcases the true qualities of brilliant design and workmanship. For rear derailleur, the brand uses Shimano Tourney. The M100 shattered competition in the market with its incredibly low cost.

You can buy this beauty in colour combinations such as matte blue/purple-red, matter black/blue yellow, white/red-blue, and many more varieties. The saddles are extraordinarily comfy and apt for long rides.


  • Frame TRINX 26″*15″/17″/19″ Alloy Special-Shaped Tubes
  • Fork Imitation Alloy Shoulder Suspension, Travel: 100MM
  • Brake TRINX Alloy Mechanical Disc
  • Rim TRINX Alloy Double Wall
  • Tires KENDA 26″*1.95″

Trinx Touring 1.0-700C

The Trinx Touring 1.0 is one of our favourites. Are you wondering why? Well, for starters, this bike is equipped with 7-speed Shimano components. There are front and rear carriers and mechanical disc brakes. It’ll also be available in two sizes – 15″ and 17″.

The traction and performance of the Trinx Touring bike are beyond expectations. This model’s matt red and bright grey variants are stunning. All in all, this bike from Trinx is a bang for your buck.


  • Frame TRINX Alloy 700C×406MM Lady
  • Fork 700C Alloy Shoulder Lock Suspension
  • Brake SHIMANO BR-MT200 Hydraulic Disc160MM
  • Rim TRINX Alloy 700C Double Wall
  • Tires CST C-1446700*38C

Trinx SELLA 2.1 E-Bike

If you’re thinking of purchasing an e-bike, look no further than the Trinx Sella 2.1. The bike comes with premium features such as an LCD and headset. The comfort of the saddle is unmatchable. Trinx has included the Kunteng E-drive system in this bike.

Also, the matte grey and matte black colour variants look sophisticated and adventurous. You’ll also find the LED brake front and rear light to be extremely bright and suitable for nighttime riding.


  • Frame 28″ / 19″/6061 Alloy
  • Fork ZOOM 141D(ML/O),700C Travel 45MM
  • E-Drive System KUNTENG
  • Battery 36V,10.4AH,18650 2600MAH
  • Display Color LCD
  • Brake Tektor MD-M280/ Disc 160MM
  • Rims LYE-026, Alloy
  • Tires CST C-1446,28″*1.75″

Trinx Striker K016 Elite Mountain Bike

The aesthetics of the Trinx K016 Elite mountain bike is one of its unique selling points. The distinctive typography and colour combinations are excellent. The assembling and installation for this bike don’t require any expertise or extra effort.

You can get this bike up and running in merely half an hour. Trinx has used Hi-Ten Steel for the frame, which is pretty durable. The Striker K016 can put an end to your endless hunt for the best hardtail bike!


  • Frame TRINX 27.5″*16″/18″ Hi-Ten Steel
  • Fork Suspension, Travel: 100MM
  • Brake TRINX Alloy Mechanical Disc
  • Rims TRINX Alloy Double Wall
  • Tires Kenda 27.5″*1.95.”


Are Trinx Bikes Good Quality?

Other than offering value for money, Trinx also offers a comfortable ride. The frame, wheels, pedal, and gears are made with modern technology. The rider gets the expected levels of safety from all Trinx stuff.

Most of their bike models use an aluminium frame, one of the best choices for quality and durability. The bike can run fine even after years of rugged use. The quality of Trinx bicycles is more than you can expect at that price tag!

Where are Trinx Bikes Made?

Trinx believes in quality and up-to-date design and engineering. It manufactures its bikes in the Philippines. It is also worth mentioning that Trinx ships its fantastic new bikes to 40+ countries.

Is Trinx Made in Italy?

Many people assume that Trinx produces its bicycles in Italy. However, that is a half-baked truth. The designing of components and the rest of the bike are completed in Italy. The making and designing of the Trinx products is a comprehensive process. Trinx puts efforts to get the best industry skills for producing and designing its expansive product range.

Wrap Up

And that was all we had to tell you about the Trinx bikes. After plenty of digging and research, we think spending on the Trinx bikes is a wise investment.

One thing we love about Trinx bikes is their comprehensive product range. Be it kids, beginners, or mountain bikes; the brand has it all! They also have a fantastic collection of e-bikes!

The Trinx bike is a perfect balance between value for money and quality. You can expect their bikes to maintain good shape and performance for a very long time.

By and large, the bikes possess all quality features. With Trinx bikes, you can unlock new adventures and health goals!

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