The Best Mountain Bike Trails & Tracks In Sydney & New South Wales

Victoria has some great mountain bike trails. There are also some really cool tracks all through the populated area of Victoria and around Melbourne.

The range across the state is vast, with some great tracks and trails around Mt Gambier, Ballarat, Warrnambool, Wislon's Promotory, and all through Gippsland. It heaven for the both pro's and enthusiasts alike.

Some the great trails include:

  • Arthurs Seat MTB Park
  • Plenty Gorge
  • Buxton MTB Park
  • Stone Fly
  • Eagle Dirt
  • Yack Tracks
  • Hero Trail
  • Mount Dandenong
  • High Voltage
  • and many more

Below you can view the trails on the map. Simply zoom in to the map and find the trail you're looking for.

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