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Best Electric Scooter – Razor Scooter Australia

The rising demand in electric razor scooters raises vital questions such as, what are some of the most promising benefits of purchasing one? Well, no doubt that we have all heard about merits like environmental friendliness, time-saving, and cost efficiency, and not to forget the massive fun. We also have a review of the VALK electric scooter which you also may be interested in.

Razor Scooter Quick Summary

If you don't have time to read the full article, here is our quick review.

Razor scooters have fast become one of the most popular electric scooter brands in Australia. The value for money is exceptional, and the sheer number of reviews they receive from here and around the world is testament to their quality. We recommend purchasing either from or for best value.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars




PRICE RANGE (at time of writing)

$20 – $250

There are other distinct advantages of buying electric razor scooters, such as facilitating mobility for physically disabled individuals and the ability to enhance body balance. Electric razor scooters bring out the best in you by relieving the impacts of the daily stress that you may go through without your knowledge.

Types of Razor Scooters

There are numerous models of razor scooters in the market. Here are a few of the best.

Razor Beast Sport Scooter Complete

This is a pro scooter when it comes to city and round-the-neighborhood commutes. It is ideal for both adults and teenagers.

Concerning safety, it encompasses a powerful rear fender brake and metalized 14 spoke 98mm urethane wheels. Besides, the item has a sturdy handlebar covered with rubber grips, which maximizes comfort.

Razor A3

Meet one of the most endurable razor beasts. This kids’ scooter has a sleek design that would attract your eyes from a distance.

The heavy-duty machine is perfect for kids who are rough on their toys. Similarly, it is equipped with a rear fender brake, therefore safe for maneuver. Other features include 125mm inline-style wheels and a shock-absorbing system. The scooter is available in four colors; blue, red, green, and black.

blue A3 razor scooter

Razor RDS Dirt Scooter

This magnificent razor powerwing scooter can handle all sorts of terrains, including a forest-like environment and muddy surroundings. Similar to the razor e100, this BMX-style scooter has chunky wheels that can endure all kinds of wear and tear.

The wide deck and sturdy handlebars guarantee maximum safety while the 200mm pneumatic wheels give the beast a sleek, sporty look.

razor rds dirt scooter

Benefits of Razor Electric Scooters: Why are They Popular?


Undeniably, electric scooters are more convenient compared to motor vehicles. With scooters, you can forget about traffic jams and the hassle of finding a parking space.

In conjunction with that, you can use your electric scooter in many types of roads, including narrow pathways that would be impossible to use with vehicles. Furthermore, the bikes have speed ranges that can cover long distances to allow you to run your daily errands on time.


Frankly, the cost of maintaining a car can be overwhelming. In brief, there are numerous miscellaneous expenses associated with motor vehicles. Similarly, using public transport daily may be quite expensive.

Scooters, on the other hand, cost an average of $100 to $500. The best part is that there is little to no maintenance. Scooters save you a lot of money, thus allowing you to spend on other vital projects.


If you are a lover of nature, an electric scooter maybe your best option. Motor vehicles associate with a lot of negativity concerning the safety of the environment. According to evidence-based research, exhaust fumes that come from cars contribute significantly to global warming and health-associated complications.

At present, nearly 65% of Americans genuinely care about the environment, and this is one of the reasons electric scooters are becoming a norm.

Razor Reviews

1. Razor Electric E300 (Grey)

If you need a sportier ride than any of your previous electric razors, the grey razor electric E300 is the choice for you right now. Its maximum speed is up to 24 mph, and its super-sized deck makes it easy for the 250-watt torque to work in maximum efficiency. Most importantly, it has a rechargeable battery of up to 12V.

Features• It is powered by a single-speed high torque supported by 250 watts of speed.

• Has a rechargeable battery that goes for up to 40 minutes of the uninterrupted time of 24 V of power.

• Has an extra acceleration control facilitated by the twist grip.

• It is perfect for rugged use because it features an all-steel property.

• It has massive tires of up to 229mm that work together to smoothen rough rides.

Final Word

The razor E300 is the best Christmas gift for your son.

2. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

The E200 is an advanced and heightened version of all-electric razor scooters. Even though its motor has a high torque of 200 watts, this bike is perfect for its size.

Put, it is faster, longer, and a whole lot taller as opposed to other electric scooters within its range. This bike is mostly built and meant for 13-year-olds, and above.

Features• It has a single speed 200 watts torque that can boost its speed to up to 19km/h.

• Full-size body, deck, and frame targeted explicitly for users above 13 years

• Hand operated and has an efficient rear brake.

• Its tires are 200 mm that are ideal for both rough and smooth surfaces for riding.

• The frame is all steel and is combined with a solid fork to ease and smoothen all rides.

Final Word

This scooter is perfect for both solo riders and friends.

3. Razor E300 Electric Scooter (White/Blue)

The white and blue E300 is excellent, accurate, and super-sized. Most of its specifications and features are exciting in the sense that whether you are enjoying the ride alone or with friends, the fun is still the same altogether.

The best part is that this scooter is ideal for children, teens as well as adults. Put, get ready for some fun family time.

Features• It has large 229 mm pneumatic front and rear tires that support each other to facilitate both smooth and rough rides.

• Twist grip acceleration capabilities

• Hand-operated rear brakes

• It has ideal kickstands that can be retracted.

• Has a chain-driven motor powered by a 250 watts of single-speed high torque.

• The body is all steel, and the deck is stable to accommodate all weights.

Final Word

This scooter is apt for 13-year-old riders but open to use for both adults and teens that weigh less than 100 kgs.

4. Razor E Prime Air Scooter 36V Electric Rechargeable Outdoor Ride On 14y+ Kids

Unlike the Razor E100, the razor E prime air scooter for 14-year-old kids requires some assembly. You can buy this scooter for its lightweight, which is less than 10kgs. This product is a combination of style, comfort, as well as epitomized performance.

Features• Maximum speed is 24km/h

• Its run time is a maximum of 40 minutes on a full battery.

• Once in a single charge, it can cover up to 12km

• Needs assembled products

• Its handlebars are adjustable to fit different heights

• It has an aluminum frame for long-lasting properties.

• The grips use rubber for efficient moldering and super shaping design.

• The brake can be activated through a thumb press, but the rear part is fender-controlled.

Final Word

This scooter is ideal for 14-year-olds, which means it is a perfect gift for your teen daughter or son.

Where Can You Buy Razor Electric Scooters

As the craze for razor electric scooters rises, questions such as where and how to purchases the safest and most convenient of these products do not fail to come up. The first place to buy an electric scooter is the manufacturers’ website because different electric razor scooters have contrasting owners. For a site like Razor USA, understand that once you purchase your most preferred product, shipping charges are free, and the best part is that all warranties are assured. Other places that you can safely buy electric razor scooters are:




• Kmart

• Target

Factors to Consider When Buying Electric Razor Scooters

Since razor electric scooters come in a variety of models, your choice depends on your preference. All the same, there are elements you ought to consider before purchasing any of the items.

1. Range

The range of a scooter is the distance the machine can travel on a full charge. Even the most potent scooters have batteries that diminish as distance increases. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to think about the maximum distance you wish to cover in a day.

Also, it is possible to select a high-range scooter even if you do not want to cover extensive distances, as this saves you the hassle of charging your merchandise before every trip. Typically, electric razor scooters have ranges varying between 10 and 80 miles in a single drive.

2. Belt Drive Vs. Chain Drive

Following statistics, the majority of scooter owners prefer chain drives to belt drives. This is because chain drives last longer than belt drives, thus lessening maintenance costs. Therefore, purchasing will utterly depend on you because chain drives can be noisy.

Nevertheless, this might be a good thing as the noise alerts motorists, pedestrians, and bikers of your presence. Belt drives, on the other hand, are smooth as they make no noise but need frequent replacement.

3. Maximum Speed

Electric razor scooters have different speed ranges. Most of the regular scooters can cover 15 miles per hour, especially the ones meant for fun. The most advanced speed demons can go up to 80 miles per hour. These are machines that come at a high price.

When selecting a scooter based on speed, consider the primary purpose of the item. Suppose you plan to use the scooter in covering long distances, consider choosing one that has average speed of 30 miles per hour.

4. Price

The price of a razor electric scooter is a primary factor to consider. As mentioned, scooters come in numerous designs, power, and features. The best and most powerful are quite costly, but that should not be a bother if you are ready to purchase.

Keep in mind that you can find an excellent quality item at a pocket-friendly price. Moreover, a low price does not necessarily mean the merchandise is lousy for use.

Final Thoughts

Electric scooters are rapidly taking over the transportation world by storm. These products are safe, convenient, pocket friendly, environment and fuel-friendly, and best of all, flexible for use for the whole family.

Before purchasing an excellent razor electric scooter like the E100, you may need to consider several crucial factors, such as weight and price.

The availability of spare parts for your scooter once it develops complications is also an important tip to have on your sleeve before securing any scooter.

Finally, these scooters are the best gifts for any family member because no matter how young or old they are, fun is guaranteed by the end of the day.

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