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Is The VALK Electric Scooter Really That Good? Review

VALK E-Scooter Review Summary (Quick Stats)

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VALK are fast becoming a leader in the e-scooter space in Australia. They've captures a large part of the e-bike market, and now their upping their game for scooters. Stylish, robust, and a great ride, they are certainly worth a look. (Available to purchase online here.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars




PRICE RANGE (at time of writing)

$479 – $829

Whether it is for moving around, getting to work, or heading to the mall, a scooter is a nice addition. These non-pedal cycles are great when it is too far to drive and perhaps too short to drive. Electric scooters have gained popularity in Australia for the past five years, and we have seen lots of brands joining the bandwagon.

Folks like e scooters because they are faster, more portable than bikes, and move with less noise. There are lots of e-scooter brands in the market, from VSETT, Segway Ninebot, Kaabo, Globber, Valk, Mercane, and more. But today, we'll only focus on one brand- VALK. It will be a review of the company's brands of e-scooters and how they match up against competitors in the market. Read on if you're keen to follow! Also see our Mearth S electric scooter review.

Choosing An Electric Scooter

Knowing your scooter is essential before we unfold what VALK has to offer. Even with the variety offered at VALK, deciding which e-scooter to buy always gets your head bogged. So, what do you look for in electric scooters?

Australian Laws

Australian states laws for motorists on electric scooters vary. Check which state you're in and ensure your scooter is compliant with traffic rules. Most follow European laws where e-scooters meant for road use are capped at 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25km/h. However, states such as Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria, and Capital Territory allow public e-scooters on roads. The speed limit varies from 10km/h in some states and 25km/h in others.


Apart from checking with the Australian laws, you need to ask yourself if you really need the speed. If you're choosing a scooter for kids, then a max speed of 10km/h would be enough to avoid unnecessary damage. If you're a speed person, be sure to check which state you're in before making that purchase. All in all, your safety is important, particularly in a motorised scooter that can leave you so vulnerable.

Power and Range

The power and range of electric scooters determine how far they'll go. A low-powered scooter will do if you want it for short commutes. They run in small battery packs that are rechargeable. In some advanced adventure models, the maximum watts range from 250 to above 6000 watts. Entry models can go up to 25kms, while powerful e-scooters will last 150kms.


Suspension on the road ensures you have a smooth ride on bumps and uneven terrains. In addition, it makes riding comfortable, especially on longer rides. The major types of suspension include rubber, hydraulic, and spring. Typically, cheaper scooters don't have a suspension system, but high-end types will have a combination of hydraulic and spring suspension.

Portability and weight

These motorised scooters come in different weights, so they have varying probabilities. For example, some scooters will have a foldable system built into them, and some may also have a handlebar.


Maintenance determines the longevity of your e-scooter as you need to ensure it runs smoothly and remains in great condition. As a bonus, we recommend the following maintenance tips:

  • Charge your battery up to 100% after every trip.
  • Keep the scooter in a dry place away from direct UV light.
  • Check cables before every ride.
  • Check pressure regularly for air filled tyres.


Though notably small, the wheels of scooters aren't the same. They vary in size and make. For more stability, choose electric scooters with large tyres, typically up to 10 inches. However, bigger tyres won't go far, and you'll have to compromise on distance. Ideally, you want puncture-proof or air-filled tyres that can be repaired easily. This is crucial if you're planning a trip into the mountains or rough terrains.

Now, back to our list!

With a solid idea of how to look for the best electric scooters, let's see what VALK has to offer. Here are popular models of electric scooters provided by VALK.

VALK Carbon 3 300W Folding Electric Scooter

Most scooter riders consider the Carbon 3 one of the best portable scooters due to its foldable design. It has an amazing balance between price, value, and performance. The classy black design makes an interesting visual statement. Its aluminium and carbon fibre construction makes it lightweight and easy to carry around.

best VALK scooter

The advanced 300 watt brushless motor gives optimal acceleration added with 3 speed modes clocking up to 25km/h. Of course, if you want to cruise and maintain speed, the Carbon 3 has a cruise control function displayed on the front LED screen.

The scooter can ride up to 22kms powered by a top-grade 36V 7.5Ah lithium battery. With tubeless tyres, you don't have to worry about getting a puncture or stopping to refill the e-scooter. Another excellent treat from VALK was the quick fold design, as it clips into a compact position in less than 5 seconds.


  • Advanced brushless 300w motor
  • Mas speed 25km/h
  • Max range 22km
  • Cruise control enabled

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  • Tubeless tyres for puncture-proof
  • LED display

VALK Synergy 5 Foldable Electric Scooter

Because of its solid puncture-proof design, the VALK Synergy 5 electric scooter is one of the best scooters for public transport. It weighs only 12.8kg, thanks to its premium aluminium frame and torso technology. The Synergy 5 comes with 350 watt brushless motors that guarantee a maximum of 25km/h and up to 2 modes to select from. It has a 3-way TriSpan LED braking system, which combines electronic braking with manual rear flare braking.

The oversized 8.5-inch tyres mean more stability on the road and predictable handling. What's more, the tyres are flat-proof, so there are no unnecessary air filling stops. The scooter is easy to carry around as it has a quick foldable design. You can fold it in less than 3 seconds!

As for power, it runs on a 36V 7.8Ah battery which can serve the e-scooter for up to 22 kilometers. Luckily, it charges fast and can reach an 80% charge for just 3 hours! So if you want a quality ride with the features of an advanced scooter, this should be your best bet.


  • Advanced 350W brushless motors
  • TriSpan 3-way braking system
  • Strict TUV German Certification
  • Silicone Deck Grip
  • 2 speed modes up to 25km/h
  • Quick fold design

best valk e-scooter

VALK Synergy 7 Plus Adult Foldable Scooter

The VALK “Synergy” series offers various features to the e-scooter models, and this 7th edition has even better perks. It is an exceptional choice for adults and scooter riders who want a premium product. It is equipped with 400 watt brushless motors and a top speed of up to 30km/h.

If you need to recharge the 36V 15Ah battery, you'll need less than 3 hours to reach 80% charge. It has a robust 6063 alloy construction crafted with precision and optimal ergonomics. The electric scooter has a TriSpan braking system, silicone deck, and a bonus gear case that's enough to wrap up the scooter for transport.


  • Silicone deck grip
  • 10-inch never-flat tyres
  • 3 speed modes and a 30km/h top speed
  • Advanced 400 watt brushless motor
  • TriSpan 3-way Braking System

e-scooter by VALK

VALK Carbon 3+ 350W Folding Electric Scooter

The Carbon 3+ is one of VALK's best improvements to the Carbon series. It is packed with the highest quality components and exclusive advanced technology, making it a solid competitor in premium electric scooters. While the visuals are quite similar to the Carbon 3, it has an added motor power of 350 watts compared to the previous 300W brushless motors.

It also boasts more range and reaches a maximum 30-kilometre capacity running on top-tier 36V 10Ah lithium batteries. At 12kgs, it is fairly lightweight and is easily transportable. The scooter comes with a 2-way brake technology and stopping power brought in by adding EBS (Electronic Braking System) and a rear fender option.

The front suspensions give it a smoother feel on rough roads and other urban terrains. It also has a cruise control function to maintain speeds or otherwise not exceed the speed limits. The VALK Carbon 3+ is an excellent upgrade and brings the same foldable design and portability as well.


  • Advanced 350W brushless motor
  • 36V 10Ah brushless Li-ion battery
  • Max speed of 25km/h
  • Max range up to 30km
  • Cruise control enabled

3+ 350w VALK E Scooter

Final Thoughts

As you can see, VALK offers decent electric scooters that are competitive enough to be on Aussie's online carts. Its two main series, the Carbon and Synergy, have a few models that can go as far as 55 kilometres. But we all know some models go all the way to 162 kilometres. Not to say they aren't good enough, but what VALK offers works best for intermediate scooter riders.

VALK has great price points, and it makes its scooters reachable for just about anyone who knows a little bit about them. Unfortunately, the brand does not have a wide variety of scooters that would fit all demographics (kids, adults, professionals, power scooters, etc.). We hope they'll release more models in the future. Also see our article on the AKEZ e bike brand.

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