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A Review Of The Polygon Trid Dirt Jumping Bike


August 18, 2021

dirt jumper polygon trid bike

Polygon Trid Review Summary (Quick Stats)

If you don't have time to read the full article, here is our quick review.

Polygon has become exceptionally popular in Australia in the last few years. It's gradually gained a reputation as super value for money, and the quality rivals bikes of much higher cost, then some. The Polygon Trid as a jumping bike is certainly worth your consideration. (Available at here.)

Overall Rating:
4.2/5 stars




PRICE RANGE (at time of writing)

2 x Trid Styles

$1599 to $2899

Many people want to feel the metal in their hands as they ride on an amazing bike. However, finding the best one is not easy, especially if you want fantastic characteristics and possibly free shipping.

Why You Should Buy A Polygon Bike

If you want to know all the details of the 2021 Polygon TRID, you should know why buying a mountain bike is a good idea.

First of all, not everyone can write a review on bikes. When you’re reading about dirt jump-specific bikes, you must ensure you’re relying on an expert’s opinion.

High-quality mountain bikes are developed, tested, and tweaked to fulfill your biking needs – and some even offer free shipping! If you compare different models, you might notice that no two bikes are the same. However, they are very useful if you want to spend time near nature and do some exercise.

Check out our reviews on both the Polygon Cascade 4.0 and the Siskiu D7.

Specific Features on the Polygon TRID

The best way to review the 2021 Polygon TRID is to examine its characteristics. You must consider everything from its geometry to its jumps, rear, wheels, and price (it might include free shipping, but you have to ask first!). Therefore, you can determine if it’s the model you’re looking for.

Remember that a good review is not necessarily the one you think. Everyone has different opinions, so when you examine various reviews, you should see them as references. In the end, you’re the one who must decide whether the bike is the right one for you.

top biew for polygon trid mtb

Dirt Jump

Doing different jumps is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of riding a bike. With a true dirt jumper, you can ensure each time you get off the ground, you’re perfectly safe.

The Polygon TRID allows you to enjoy horizontal dropouts and the best dirt-jumping characteristics. It was tested in the Sam Reynolds Tour, which proved that it’s an incredible model. Nowadays, it continues its successful formula combining great attributes. It’s one of the best dirt jumpers you could find.

X Fusion Slant

Having a good hydraulic disc with disc brakes is important, but you also need an X fusion slant if you want a good bike. Fortunately, the suspension fork on the Polygon TRID offers top-of-the-notch benefits.

You don’t need an adapter for an X fusion slant because it’s a post-mount fork. Along with its bottom bracket Samox integrated characteristic, and its tapered headtube, the bike is ready to welcome you in its seat and accompany you on your mountain rides.

The Frame

If you’re looking for a high-quality dirt jump bike, the Polygon TRID offers you fantastic composition details. Its alloy frame is made of AL6 alloy, which means that it’s a high-quality model.

It has a frame with a spec that fits many riders perfectly because the DJ frame adapts to your needs. The handlebar alloy and the stem alloy also offer fantastic quality.

Not all bikes have both a high-quality stem alloy and handlebar alloy. Many online reviews say that the materials are not the same on the different parts of the ride. However, the 2021 Polygon TRID is unique and offers a phenomenal frame.

Other Features

The 2021 Polygon TRID is a dirt jump bike with rear shock characteristics, a polygon pivotal saddle, short chainstays, and much more. Its head tube is phenomenal and it offers you the best speed brakes you might need.

When you’re riding a mountain bike, you need high-quality brakes- TEKTRO is one of the most common options, and you can get it if you get your Polygon TRID. Although it’s hard to decide the best fork, frame, price, wheels, geometry, and suspension among different bikes, this model is genuinely one of the best in the market.

Why Buy a Polygon TRID

A Polygon TRID offers you 100mm travel characteristics, front and rear quality, great pedals, top-of-the-notch wheels, and you can even get free shipping!

If you want to get free shipping, you have to examine the bikes in different stores. Visiting several sites online is the best way to get deals. Also, you should never forget to thoroughly examine the spec sheet in all the bikes you compare.

One of the most important things when buying bikes is their saddle. Polygon pivotal is the best option you can go for, and it’s the one you can get if you buy the Polygon TRID!

polygon trid front cog

What People Say

Many people go online to find the best review of the bike they want to buy. Although comparing different bikes can be hard, reading the opinions of others might help you decide.

People who have bought the Polygon TRID often feel immensely pleased with their ride. They say they found it online, and they say the bottom bracket Samox integrated characteristic is one of the best ones.

Additionally, people mention that the wheels, the pedals, and the travel 100mm characteristic are fantastic given the bike’s price. Lastly, they say you can get free shipping if you look in the right places!

2021 Polygon TRID – Final Verdict

The Polygon TRID is one of the best bikes you can buy in 2021. It offers incredible characteristics, and examining a different review might prove that it’s a fantastic model. Furthermore, you might get free shipping if you know where to look.

To find a Polygon TRID, start looking in the best bike-selling sites on the internet. Once you examine each review, you might notice it’s a great model. Ask if the store offers free shipping, and get ready to enjoy the air in your face as you ride the bike!

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