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What Is The Best Beach Cruiser Bike On The Australian Market

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Marin Kentfield

Marin Kentfield

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Marin Stinson 1

Marin Stinson 1

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Last summer put our patience to the limit. As December approached, we were all curious to see how Covid might influence our summer routines. Are there going to be any rides on the boardwalk? Even, for that matter, in groups? Would summer vacations even be possible? The thought of getting together with friends and family for a week at the beach was pretty well shelved. Yet here we are, a year later, and it appears like we are still not out of the woods.

However, just because you're not on a packed boardwalk doesn't mean you can't have fun on a laid-back beach cruiser bike in your own neighbourhood. A cruiser bike could be your saving grace if you're in need of some two-wheeled rehabilitation.

These simple machines are commonly the most affordable options in the bicycle world (though there are some more expensive models on our list), and many of them can be bought online, customized to your liking, and delivered right to your door, although availability is a bit hit-or-miss right now due to high demand and low production.

In this post, we'll cover all you need to know about beach cruisers, including how to determine if they're the appropriate bike for you and the top cruiser bikes in our opinion.


What Is a Beach Cruiser Bike?

Essentially, a cruiser bike is a single-speed bicycle with balloon tires, a comfortable saddle, a coaster brake, and a wide, sweeping handlebar, according to some. When you're on one, you should not be pressured to keep up with the others. There's a possibility you're wearing flip-flops and a bathing suit if you're lucky. It's ideal if you're near a beach, but you don't have to be.

Strolling downtown for lunch can be as relaxing as a morning stroll along the boardwalk. However, not every beach cruiser bike is packed with simplicity. The majority of modern-day models take it to the next level, if not further. Knowing how and where you'll use your new cruiser bike can help you figure out what else you want from it.

Are Cruiser Bikes Good Exercise?

Cruiser bikes are a terrific way to be active on vacation while keeping it low-key. Bicycles are a low-impact workout by nature. You don't only get a full-body workout, but you also strengthen your muscles, develop flexibility, combat fatigue, and clear your mind while riding a bike.

Is It Necessary for Me to Have More than One Gear on My Beach Cruiser?

That is debatable. One gear is all you need to ride the length of a boardwalk or stroll down Main Street, and it frees one hand to hold an ice cream. Consider a beach cruiser bike with many gears if your rides are a little tougher than the flat, coastal streets around your local seaside town.

E-Assist Is Now Available on Several Cruiser Bikes

Although the beach cruiser bike is designed to help you calm down your fast-paced existence, there's nothing wrong with ramping up your relaxed life. Pedal-assist can extend your day and still get you home just in time for early-evening drinks and BBQ by allowing you to arrive at the beach sooner and cutting your departure time. The majority of e-cruisers are classified as class 1, which means they may reach speeds of up to 20 mph, however, some can go up to 28 mph (class 3).

Why Finding a Bike Might Be Difficult Right Now

People are searching for a fun, safe way to get outside, and the bike industry has seen an exponential increase in sales since the beginning of the pandemic, partly due to public transportation restrictions and because people are looking for a fun, safe way to get outside.

It has also encountered a shortage of cruiser bikes due to factory limitations and delays. Because of this, several bike shops and online brands are practically sold out of cruiser bikes. If a bike on this list is out of stock, you may be able to pre-order it or join a waiting list. Alternatively, it may still be available at a bike shop near you, so check the sites of various dealers and merchants.


What All Beach Cruiser Bikes Have in Common

Frames: Beach cruiser frames are typically built of steel, making them heavier than most other bicycles. This makes them less likely to wobble, making them more sturdy and manageable. Some models are being manufactured from aluminium, which is a lighter material, as their popularity increases.

This doesn't matter as much as it would on a normal bike because a cruiser bike isn't typically used for long-distance riding. Climbing or racing on a beach cruiser bike is not recommended. However, they make travelling on flat terrain easier, and they can reduce the amount of work required on gravel and dirt routes.

Tires: Beach cruiser tires are frequently referred to as ‘extra-wide' or ‘balloon' tires. This is because they are! That doesn't imply they're resistant to punctures. Balloon tires, on the other hand, are thicker than regular bike tires, and hence, less likely to go flat.

They also provide a more stable riding experience, making them ideal for riding on boardwalks and sidewalks. If you've ever wanted to ride your bike on a real beach without sinking up the axle, a beach cruiser is the bike for you. Just make sure the sand isn't too soft. Cruiser bikes are still bicycles and are subject to the same physics as other bicycles.

Handlebars and Pedals: Cruiser bikes have swept-back handlebars and pedals that are placed slightly further forward than on a regular bike. The typical upright position associated with cruisers is largely determined by these factors. When riding around with a cappuccino in hand, they offer little to no pressure on your back and create a more calm, chilled-out riding experience.

Gears: Traditional beach cruisers don't have gears, and why should they when you're only supposed to be riding in a casual manner and being all cool and hip? Single-gear cruiser bikes are a favourite. They are straightforward to use.

It's remarkable how much more conscious you become of your other riding “senses” when you're not continuously switching up and through 36 different gears. However, the manufacturers and designers of beach cruisers have recently realized that the rest of the world does not live on a beach.

As a result, beach cruisers with three or even seven gears are becoming more widespread, making them more suited for long-distance trips or even commuting. In either scenario, it does make it easier to ride up hills in style rather than walk your cruiser up the hill in a stylish manner.

Brakes: Beach cruisers usually have coaster brakes, as those of us born in the twentieth century call them. To stop, you push back on the pedals rather than pulling on the brakes with your hands. Don't be alarmed if you've never used this type of brake before; they're very simple to use. If you've ever used this style of brake, you'll know how simple it is to perform the world's most fantastic brake skids.

Saddles: Beach Cruisers, on the other hand, are known for having broad, spring-assisted saddles at the back. Unlike road bikes, these saddles are the riding equivalent of lazy-boy sofas, smoothing out all but the bumps in the road without you even knowing.

Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Expensive?

They certainly aren't! Isn't that fantastic?

You may get an absolutely stunningly elegant and useful bike for less than $300 that will serve you well for years. Most beach cruiser bike manufacturers additionally provide a complimentary lifetime frame guarantee; that is, a warranty that lasts forever.


Is There a Difference Between Cruiser Bikes for Men and Women?

Yes, as well as no.

Cruiser designers have a propensity for creating several styles of cruisers for both men and women.

In terms of practicality, the only true distinction between the two styles is one of aesthetics. Women's cruiser bikes usually feature distinct upper frame curvatures and are composed of thinner tubing.

That's all there is to it. If you're a guy or a girl who likes the appearance and feel of a bike made for either gender, then go out and get one.

Beach Cruiser Bikes Are Divided into Three Categories:

1. Beach Cruiser Bike

The most traditional beach bike has a single-speed gearbox and simply a coaster brake. Ideal for getting around town and enjoying the ease of commuting. Because of the single-speed drivetrain and coaster brakes, all you have to do is sometimes pump the tires and oil the chain. These are the easiest cruiser bikes to work on in terms of maintenance, but they may limit your ability on rough terrain.

2. Commuter Cruiser Bike

These bikes have calliper brakes in the front and rear, fenders, and rear gears. Cruiser bikes often have three or seven-speed drivetrains, making them ideal for city riding. A cruiser with a front basket is popular among this group. In Australia Marin Bikes have some popular cruiser options.

3. Electric Assisted Cruiser Bike

As electric bikes have grown in popularity for obvious reasons, there will be a wide range of good electric cruiser bikes available in 2022 to make your life easier and expand your range with pedal-assisted motors.

The Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

Tuesday, June 7 Low Step Cruiser Bike

June 7, as its name suggests, is a lover of carefree summer days and sandy beaches. To keep the front wheel on track, all it takes is a light touch and relaxed arms on the Big Bend Cruiser handlebar and rough rubber grips. When your feet aren't pedalling forward on the barefoot-friendly, rubber-coated pedals, they can simply touch down for a quick pause to capture a sunset scenery.

The June 7 comes standard with 2.35-inch balloon tires, which are great for diverse conditions. With a seven-speed gear and a 44t chainring and 14-34t cassette, this bike can explore areas that aren't entirely flat. This one from Tuesday is $45 and features a spring clip to keep your valuables secure.

Electric Bike Company Model X Cruiser Bike

The Model X is built in the United States, and the attention to detail is instantly apparent; aside from the slight hum of the rear-hub motor, the bike produces almost no noise while in motion. Its Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, aluminium frame, and steel fork all work together to provide a smooth ride, while the comfy saddle and classic handlebar invite you to unwind and let the e-assist do the heavy lifting.

Model X's 500-watt motor reaches 1,000 watts for rapid bursts of power, making it sporty enough for most people. The pedal helps top out at 25 mph, and you also have a throttle. There are also plenty of optional extras, including a front basket, suspension fork, rear rack, and unique colours, as well as the option of an in-basket battery.

Specialized Roll Low-Entry Cruiser Bike

The Roll Low-Entry is great for anyone who has ever been worried about swinging a leg over a bike frame or being able to touch their feet to the ground at the last second. It has one of the lowest step-through frames in the industry. On the road, the beefy 650b x 2.3-inch tires ride easily, but they come to your rescue when the pavement gets dicey or a sandy shortcut calls your name. Its upright architecture relieves tension on your neck and back while allowing you to take in the scenery, but it isn't perfect for steep rides up winding mountains.

Essentially, the Shimano Altus seven-speed drivetrain isn't either, but that's not the point of this bike. It's also not designed for speed. The Roll Low-Entry, for what it is, is a $535 cruiser bike with attachments for a rear rack and a head tube tall enough to swing a rather deep basket off the BMX-style handlebar.


Marin Stinson 1 Cruiser Bike

The Stinson elevates your riding to a new level of comfort and control. Overall, the lightweight Series 1 aluminium frame, comfortable elastomer-sprung saddle, ergonomic handlebar, adjustable stem, and high-volume 27.5″ tires with mixed tread for control are all featured on this model.

If you want easy and comfortable path riding, the Stinson is a revised twist on the classic cruiser style. Comfort Control Geometry allows riders to touch the ground with their foot for safe riding and stopping. Your energy powers the bike efficiently forward via the sealed cartridge bottom bracket, Suntour XCC Crankset, and seven-speed, 14-28 cassette.

Marin Kentfield CS2 ST-Hybrid Bike

The Kentfield CS2 Hybrid bike is ideal for running errands, short commuting, and journeys that include bike trails and streets. It's a wonderful bike, with a light aluminium frame, reliable Shimano components that are easy to fix or replace, comfortable upright seating, and lots of gears for hills. The Spinner Enroute AC front shock has 63mm of travel and, when combined with the suspension seat post, smooths out the road's unpleasant bumps.

Priority Beach Cruiser Bike

The Coast's rustproof parts, which include stainless-steel spokes, an aluminium frame and fork, and a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, are unaffected by the salt air. Water is kept out by sealed bearings, and Kenda puncture-resistant tires are unaffected by broken glass or clamshells.

You'll probably spend the majority of your time in the toughest gear on boardwalks and flat city streets, but you'll be grateful for the easier pedalling when the street takes a little upturn. When parked, the bike is protected by a double kickstand, and the conventional cruiser handlebar features a 3-speed twist gear on the right and a front hand brake on the left.

Marin Larkspur CS2 Hybrid Bike

The Larkspur 2 is a mixte-inspired cruiser bike that's comfy, cruisy, and full of vitamin F(un). It has a sturdy steel frame and fork that can handle rough terrain and bar crawls. Disc brakes, a dropper post, a 1x gear, and wide knobby tires are all cruiser bike features that lend to the Larkspur's versatility.

These are budget-friendly aluminium cruiser bikes with smooth tires, disc brakes, and a comfortable endurance road geometry.

Overall, Marin's hybrid bikes are popular because they are reasonably priced and have a distinctive appearance, both in terms of frame colours and frame designs.

Benno eJoy 9D Cruiser Bike

The eJoy 9D is easily your zip-around-town-at-20mph e-bike, with lines inspired by old Italian scooters and classic German vehicles. A frame-mounted lock, big rear rack, optional front tray, integrated lighting, and an 80-mile maximum stated range—imagine how much trash you can transport to the beach.

Essentially, the eJoy is an e-bike for everyone, with an exceptionally silent Bosch Active Line motor, a wheelbase similar to a regular townie, a low standover for riders of all heights, roll-over-anything balloon tires, and one of the easiest-to-operate systems.

Six Best Beach Cruiser Bikes for Men

1. Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bike

Take a look at that frame's curves! Isn't it a masterpiece? With any Firmstrong beach cruiser, you can't go wrong. In the realm of Beach Cruisers, Firmstrong motorcycles are frequently the first choice of potential consumers. This is the epitome of a traditional cruiser-style motorcycle.

As for under $200, you can get a lot of motorcycles. It looks great, attracts attention, and comes in any colour you choose.

Also, if you order it online, it will arrive 80 percent pre-assembled, meaning you won't be grumbling and moaning under your breath all day with a set of bike spanners in your hand.

Although the frame is made of high-quality steel, the 26-inch wheels are made of aluminium. Plus, if you're worried about that, it was designed in Hermosa Beach, California. It's a timeless classic and one of the most popular beach cruisers on the market today.


2. Sixthreezero in the Barrel Three-Speed Cruiser Bike

Okay, so at $450, we're pushing the boundaries of ‘cheap,' but take a look at this bike.

Overall, for a variety of reasons, this bike is ideal. The ‘SixThreeZero in the Barrel' has to be one of the best rides considering cruiser bicycles are made to turn heads and be a delight to ride.

It's not only beautiful to look at, but it's also really pleasant to ride. When people talk about cushiness in the future, they may refer to the seat on this bike.

The internal three-speed Shimano gear hub and pushed-forward pedals make it an extremely efficient bike to ride, allowing you to explore longer distances than you might with a one-speed regular bike.

It has a huge 18″ frame, making it a more practical bike for those of us who are a little taller than the usual bear. This bike comes in a variety of colours, and it's one of the most fuel-efficient Beach Cruisers on the market.

3. Firmstrong Bruiser Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong is another fantastic bike manufacturer that you should check out; its Bruiser Beach Cruiser is stunning. This is one of the most popular options among males and for good reason: it's a fantastic recreational cruiser that provides a fun and smooth ride!

This bike's overall design, particularly the tube shape, allows you to stretch out your arms and is always flexible. The Bruiser bike, as a recreational cruiser, provides a comfortable and relaxing ride with the option of 1-7 speed gears.

It is equipped with Shimano gears, allowing you to ride the bike with ease and without any issues. Additionally, it doesn't matter what kind of terrain you're on, you'll always get to see a top-notch performance. The bruiser's seat is large and plush, with two coil springs beneath it to offer maximum comfort. You won't have to buy new tires for a long time if you use Kenda tires!

4. Schwinn Sanctuary Cruiser Bike

If you want to take your cruiser a step further and utilize it for more than just getting your Espresso or Cappuccino, and if there are a few hills on the route to your favourite Bagel Shop, the Schwinn Men's Sanctuary might be the ideal option here.

Perhaps a more traditional design than the others on our list, but what a traditional design! This frame is based on a design from 1955. From the raised, twisted handlebars to the rear rack and the grippy rubbery pedals and mudguards that come standard, the Sanctuary is a great bike for the money that you won't regret giving your credit card information for.

5. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Cruiser Bike

As for many people, the Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike is a dream come true; it is one of the best cruiser bikes available. Whether you're cruising around the neighbourhood, on dirt trails, or on the beach, the Wayfarer will always perform well.

The Schwinn is built with a vintage-style city frame that is hard to come by these days. Aside from that, it features swept-back handlebars. You'd be the talk of the town everywhere you went.

Now, let's have a look at some of the features and components. The Wayfarer is equipped with a Shimano seven-speed rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters, making climbing hills a breeze.

Furthermore, the front and rear alloy pull brakes optimize stopping power, and if you're searching for maximum comfort, the 700c wheels with their thin, grippy tires will make sure you have your fill.

cruiser bike by schwinn

6. Sixthreezero Around the Block Cruiser Bike

The Sixthreezero is a fun and comfy men's beach cruiser that you should definitely consider. Sixthreezero Around the Block is a terrific choice if you're looking for the perfect cruiser bike for those long and short excursions along the shore.

Because of the upright stance and adjustable handlebars, you'll always feel at ease on your bike; in fact, comfort is guaranteed here. The bike is built with a very elegant steel frame that gives it a fine, premium appearance. Additionally, the twin spring seats provide maximum comfort no matter where you go, and the 2.125-inch wide aluminium wheels smooth out any road jolts.


Six Best Beach Cruiser Bikes for Women

1. Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bike

This is essentially the same as the men's version, with the exception of a slightly smaller frame and a distinctive curved top tube. It's a touch lighter than the men's version because it's meant for women.

This also comes in a variety of colours, as ladies, evidently, want to accessorize more than males. Who'd have guessed?

Also, based on average gender height inequalities, the ladies can choose between 24″ and 26″ wheels, but keep in mind that the seat and handlebars can be moved to accommodate both small and taller riders.

The frame is also covered by a lifetime warranty, as is the case with the men's version. Its saddle has two springs; it's wide and comfortable.

2. Huffy Woodhaven Cruiser Bike

If riding Beach Cruisers is all about looking and feeling good, the Huffy Woodhaven is one of the coolest cruiser bikes on the market. Also, it's a fantastic-looking bike for only $270 on Amazon.

This bike is not only stylish, but it is also really functional. It includes a rear rack, a holder for your Mocha, and a trendy detachable front basket that converts into a handy bag you can take with you wherever you go.

Its alloy wheels, tires, and seating all work together to make this an extremely comfortable and easy-to-ride motorcycle. The frame is steel, as you might think, and the kickstand is useful for propping up the bike wherever you want it to stay.

3. Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser

This Beach Cruiser is not only the second cheapest on the list, but it's also one of the coolest. The frame is handcrafted, and the seat and handlebars are as comfortable and broad as you'd expect from a Beach Cruiser.

The bike's single-speed, and it lacks the fenders, baskets, and other fancy extras found on some of the other cruiser bikes. It is, however, inexpensive, effective, and elegant. It's the ideal college bike for racing from dorm to class or simply hating the Santa Monica boardwalks.

4. Electra Moto 1 Beach Cruiser

If you want a Beach Cruiser that you can take a little further afield, this is the bike for you. 29-inch wheels provide a little extra momentum and make it a little simpler to pick up some pace.

Of course, it comes with a set of handy disc brakes, ensuring that the frame is kept clean and functional. This is a bike that can be used for more than merely bobbing down the boardwalks.

The plain handlebars are maybe the most noticeable feature of this Beach Cruiser. When other riders see you riding on it, they'll make a double-take.

This bike is ideal for those looking for something fashionable that is also functional. The only drawback is the cost. This one isn't as affordable as the other Beach Cruisers at $500.

5. Schwinn Cruiser S1

Schwinn creates high-quality bicycles and this one is no exception. The S1's low-top tube is one of its most outstanding features, making it extremely easy to get on and off. Its frame is of excellent quality, as is the paintwork, which comes in a variety of colours.

There are no gears or shifters. This is pure backward pedalling braking heaven. The balloon whitewall tires are sturdy and grippy, as you'd expect from Schwinn. Sure, it doesn't have a catchy title like Catalina or Panama Jack, but that's part of the appeal.

Sometimes, all you want to do is ride for the pure joy of it, and the S1 excels at that.


6. Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s Cruiser Bike

This is the women's version of the Sixthreezero Around the Block cruiser bike, and it does not disappoint! Now, let's look at what the women's edition has to offer: extremely comfortable, low-maintenance, and exceptional performance. It doesn't get any better than this at this pricing point!

Because the cruiser keeps you in an upright position all of the time, you'll find that long journeys on the bike are incredibly relaxing. When you ride this beautiful cruiser, heads will turn around the block in admiration, as the name suggests.

Wide handlebars, a dual spring seat, and 2.125-inch wide aluminium wheels are all included, ensuring an unforgettable ride!

Final Words

There's a beach cruiser bike for everyone, regardless of their budget or motivation.

You can spend more than $2000 on one! However, if you do, we believe that you are missing the point.

Personally, many believe that you should not spend more than $400 on a single one. Beach cruiser bikes are all about taking it easy.

They're about going where you want to go by travelling in luxury and arriving in comfort. Beach cruisers are designed to be simple, inexpensive modes of transport that make a strong statement about who you are and what you want out of life.


Marin Kentfield

Marin Kentfield

Best Men's Option - Rated 9  / 10

Check Price
Marin Stinson 1

Marin Stinson 1

Best Women's Option - Rated 8.5 / 10

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