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NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike | A Comprehensive Review

When you think of mountain biking, one of the main attractions is the ability to enjoy the open country and fresh air while getting some much-needed exercise. This is why most people do not associate e-bikes with riding along a mountain road. It seems like putting a motor on a mountain bike would essentially defeat the purpose. However, the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike is the best of both worlds. Also see our NCM Moscow E Bike review, and NCM Milano review.

Key Takeaways

  • NCM is an electric bike with pedal assist
  • Built according to EU specifications
  • Has great performance and safety features
  • It is a durable, long-range bike
  • NCM has a great design and offers value for money
  • There are a few areas that need improvement

NCM Prague Summary (Quick Stats)

If you don't have time to read the full article, here is our quick review.

A German designed e-bike that mirrors the look and feel of the best mountain bikes. An exceptionally exciting bike for the avid MTB rider who want that little bit extra of an e bike. (Available at

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars




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About NCM Electric Bikes

The NCM is an e-bike that was designed in Germany and is currently being manufactured in China. According to the many positive user reviews about this bike, the NCM is the perfect choice if you are looking for an electric bike that still retains the important features of a mountain bike.

This Hannover company, Leon Cycle GmbH, has designed a wide range of e-bikes, meaning you are guaranteed to find the right bike for your needs in stock on their online page.

In August 2019, there was some good news for riders when the company announced that its products, including bikes and spare parts, would now be available in the United States.

The US version has the same basic features that European customers have been enjoying for years, but with a few upgrades. In the US, the e-bike comes with an improved power output of 350W, which gives an impressive electric assist speed of 20mph.

Like all e-bikes, weight is an issue. The NCM weighs a lot more than ordinary mountain bikes, but somehow it still manages to produce excellent performance with the same easy handling characteristics of a regular bike.

Important Specs

Before you invest in any e-bike, you need to get as much information about the product as possible. Besides details about the quality, price, and delivery options, one of the most important issues is regarding the bike's specifications.

Unlike ordinary bikes that tend to be more or less the same in terms of the features you can expect from them, electric bikes can be very different from each other. With the NCM, you can expect the following specifications:

  • Bafang 250W rear-hub motor (350W in the US) powered by a DeHawk lithium battery
  • Suntour XCT suspension fork
  • Schwalbe Smart SAM tires
  • Shimano and Tektro disc brakes
  • Over 30 miles distance per charge
  • 275 lbs load capacity
  • A maximum speed of 15 mph
  • Built-in USB port with 5V to charge that links to mobile phones

What We Like About This Bike

Electric bikes have been around for quite some time now, and we have had the pleasure of testing various name brands. However, very rarely do we come across a truly exciting product, such as the NCM.

This e-bike takes rider assistance to a whole new level that will delight both daily commuters and occasional riders. We certainly did not expect to find so many reasons to recommend this bike, especially at such an affordable price point. Also see our article on charging your electric bike with solar.

NCM Prague dimensions

If you have questions regarding what sort of user experience you are likely to get from the NCM, the following in-depth features analysis can help:

  • Great Performance

When shopping for a good e-bike, one of the most important things you will want to know is how well the bike rides. In this aspect, the designers and manufacturers of the NCM have done a great job!

You will have to hold on to your saddle as this bike easily hits speeds of up to 15 mph in the blink of an eye. What we loved is that the level of performance did not change, whether we engaged pedal assist or not.

Shifting gears was flawless thanks to the 16-speed Shimano Altus shifter. This state-of-the-art gear lever allows you to maintain absolute control regardless of the type of terrain you are tackling.

Speed and acceleration are what set e-bikes apart from regular bikes, and in that regard, the NCM simply eats up the terrain at break-neck speed.

  • Easy Assembly

Leon Cycle GmbH, the Germany-based company behind the NCM, offers international shipping services to all its customers, whether you are right next door in Moscow or on the other side of the world in Canada.

However, like all such delivery services, your bike will arrive as a box of separate components. The great thing about the NCM is that the assembly is very easy. All you need to do is use the enclosed pamphlet and you will have your bike fully assembled and ready for the countryside in no time.

  • Safety Features

When a bike is designed to achieve such high speeds at that kind of acceleration, one of the major concerns will undoubtedly be the safety of the rider and other road users. Riding a bike on the highway always puts the rider at risk of serious injury should an accident occur.

However, the NCM tries to minimize that risk by employing a lot of important safety features in its design.

  • Good Suspension

An example is the Suntour XCT suspension fork which is designed to help keep the bike steady and under control even when going fast over rough terrain. While this suspension is only entry-level, offering just less than four inches of travel, they do the job very well considering the price point.

If you are mostly interested in light trail riding with a group of friends, the Suntour XCT suspension will do a good job. However, for the more extreme forms of the sport, the suspension may struggle quite a bit, meaning you will probably need to invest in a better brand.

  • Great Braking System

The other important safety consideration is obviously the braking system. In this regard, the NCM makes no compromises and goes all out with its Tektro and Shimano brake discs. These mechanical brakes are strong enough to easily bring the bike to a quick stop even when riding at a top speed.

Part of the problem with other bikes is that they employ an electric braking system, similar to that used in scooters, which sometimes comes with some reliability issues. This is why the NCM uses mechanical brakes, which are guaranteed to work in all forms of weather and terrain.

If you are unhappy with any of the safety features on your bike, the company allows you to return it to the factory where it was made for a full refund of your purchase.

  • Durability and Build Quality

An aluminum frame is the preferred option in the e-bike industry, but the NCM goes a step further by using an Aluminum alloy frame. The build quality is in no way compromised by the use of alloy material.

In fact, the end result is that the NCM has a much lighter frame without a noticeable reduction in the levels of durability. When you get on an NCM bike, you will know you have a strong, resilient, and lightweight bike on your hands.

The handlebars on the NCM are ergonomically curved and made of Promax Risers rubber for maximum comfort. There is also a foldable NCM e-bike option that is available in stock, which offers similar levels of durability and build quality.

  • Range and Battery

One of the most important features of electric bikes is the range that the battery can manage per single charge. This is important in determining how long and how far you can ride the bike before being forced to rely solely on manual peddling.

The manufacturers of this bike claim that it is one of the best e-bikes in its class in terms of range, and we have to agree because we were able to go over 50 miles before we had to look for a place to charge the battery.

However, certain aspects will affect how long you can ride the bike before draining the battery, such as your weight, speed of travel, and the terrain you are riding over. A heavy rider, for example, riding over hills will drain their battery long before a lighter rider who is riding on flat terrain.

  • Design

Safety, security, and looks are the core elements behind the design choices used in the NCM. One look at this modern e-bike and you will fall in love with the level of detail that went into its design.

Usually, at this price point, you would expect to find a cheap-looking bike that is not very appealing to riders, but the NCM dispels this notion. It is sleek and ergonomic and comes in a wide range of color options for you to choose from.

  • Schwalbe Smart SAM tires

One of the most prominent design features that immediately catch the eye is the thick Schwalbe Smart SAM tires that look ultra-cool and futuristic. A couple of pictures of these babies had our Instagram account followers buzzing.

Although they look thick and heavy, when you are riding the bike you don't experience any drag at all, which is a testament to the design capabilities of Schwalbe, a popular brand in the tire industry.

  • Value for Money

E-bikes have become a major hit in many countries, such s the UK and the United States. This has resulted in many new companies popping up to address this surge in demand for electric bikes.

The results are that the price range for e-bikes is as wide and varied as the designs. While there are certainly a few more expensive options that come with many specialized features, such as an LCD display and automatic gear controller, the NCM certainly manages to deliver good value for money.

Many e-mtb customer reviews have echoed similar sentiments, praising the NCM for providing a great list of features at an affordable price point.

  • Many Size Options

When you place your order for a brand new NCM e-bike, you have three options to choose from in terms of bike size, namely:

  • 26 inches
  • 27.5 inches
  • 29 inches

What this means is that the NCM e-bike can accommodate a wider range of riders, regardless of their height, which is a good thing for a bike that is targeting an international customer base.

Areas That Need Improvement

As much as we loved the NCM Prague, there are a few areas that need to be improved and we hope the designers will address these in their next set of products.

One of our biggest issues with the bike (which is a concern echoed in many customer reviews) is that the saddle is too small, hard, and narrow. You will certainly get saddle sore long before you manage to drain the battery. When tackling rough terrain, be prepared to feel the bumps of every rock and pebble along the way.

Another area of concern was that when the electric assistance was turned off, riding the bike required a lot of strength because it was just too heavy. Although using the Aluminum frame did a lot to reduce the weight, a lot more needs to be done.

Wrap Up

All in all, if you are looking for an affordable e-bike that has all the essential features required for a great assisted riding experience, look no further than the NCM Prague. Built to handle even the toughest terrain imaginable, the NCM is a bike that not only looks good but delivers incredible performance. With a long-lasting battery, the world is your oyster when you are seated on an NCM Prague saddle.


1. Are NCM Bikes Waterproof?

NCM bikes are water resistant, but not entirely waterproof. This means you can probably get away with riding your bike in moderate rain, but fully submerging your bike in water, for example when crossing a river, will probably damage it. This type of damage is not covered by insurance.

2. What Are NCM Bikes Made Of?

The frame of the bike is made of an aluminum alloy that is designed to be both robust and lightweight at the same time.

3. Where Can I Buy NCM Bikes?

NCM e-bikes can be found in a wide range of retailers in many countries. Alternatively, customers can go to the Leon Cycle GmbH website where they will be redirected to a page from which they can make their purchase. Shipping can be arranged to any address around the world.

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