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How Good Is The AKEZ Electric Bike Brand?

AKEZ – Ebike Review Summary (Quick Stats)

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AKEZ have started to gain traction in Australia for their electric bike brand. Selling both mountain bike and city bike styles, there quality is competitive with some of the more expensive brands, while maintaining very competitive pricing. Well worth a look! (Available at mydeal.com.au)

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Recently, electric bikes have spiked in popularity, and the demand for these bikes is increasing day after day. While bike riding is often considered a fun and leisurely activity, those that ride bikes for the purpose of daily commute or errands will completely disagree, arguing that manual bikes are actually extremely tiresome and, as such, the e-bike has sparked the interests of most people.

In this comprehensive review, the well-crafted AKEZ electric bikes will be explored, touching on everything that these electric bicycles entail. Whether you are wanting a bike to tackle mountainous areas, a safe bike for your kids to ride, or maybe you just want something to ride around your neighborhood with; the AKEZ bikes are an affordable option that is definitely worth considering, but are these e-bikes the cream of the crop when it comes to bikes on a budget? Continue reading to find out! You may also be interested in our VALK electric bike review article.

AKEZ electric bike in the city

AKEZ Brand

Those of you interested in e-bikes have most likely come across the AKEZ brand. If you haven't, then you should know that AKEZ is an e-bike brand founded in 2014 and has since become renowned for its wide variety of high-quality e-bikes. They cater to all types of cyclists, both avid and beginners, and include both adults and kids. Better yet, they are praised for their history of exceptional customer service offering cyclists test rides with some of the brand's top models.

What Is an AKEZ Electric Bike?

Before pointing fingers at what AKEZ e-bikes are good, and which are bad. You first need to know what an electric bike is, how it differs from traditional bikes, what you use it for, its advantages and disadvantages, and what exactly gives an AKEZ e-bike that “cream of the crop” status.

AKEZ mountain bike

An electric bike, or an e-bike, is defined as a bicycle that has been equipped with an electric motor to provide a cyclist with pedal assistance. The motor is given power from a rechargeable battery that is then mounted on the bike so that this bicycle can do exactly what it was designed to do. However, to be classified as an e-bike, the motor must merely help you, not propel you on its own. This means that you would need to pedal to receive the bike's assistance, and how much power the motor delivers will all depend on how hard you pedal.

How Does an AKEZ Electric Bike Differ from a Regular Bike?

In many ways, an AKEZ electric bike and a traditional bike are the same; the main difference between the two is that the AKEZ electric bike boasts a lithium battery and a motor, and some even offer other additional features, for example, LCD screens.


You will find the motor of an AKEZ electric bike in the center of the bike tire. An e-bike requires a lot less physical exertion than a traditional bike but still demands the pedalling of the rider to get the bike into momentum. The amount of pedalling that is required will depend on the level of assistance provided by the AKEZ electric bike:

Levels of Assistance

  • High – high assistance e-bikes bear the brunt of the work, and the cyclist will barely need to push down to get the bike moving.

  • Medium – a medium level of assistance is not as challenging as low-level assistance, yet still poses an increased level of difficulty when compared to high-level assistance.

  • Low – a low level of assistance will require the bicyclist to push down even harder and exert more energy and is the level used for those seeking a fitness challenge.

Some AKEZ e-bikes offer other levels of assistance, apart from the common high, medium, and low pedal assist settings.


The good news is that, even if the battery happens to run out while you are on a bike ride, you won't be stranded in the same way as if your car ran out of petrol. Instead, your electric bike will convert into a traditional bike and will be powered solely by your pedalling going forward.

If you are someone with a lengthy commute or dirt road ahead of them, then it is best to select an electric bike with a long-lasting, powerful battery. In terms of a mountain bike, the AKEZ MTB electric mountain bike is power-driven by a 48V10AH lithium battery, enabling it to climb hills, reach a speed of 25km/h, and last, on average, 14 to 28km at a full battery range, making it the perfect bike for this type of scenario.

e bike batteries


An electric bike is usually able to go much faster than a traditional bike because of the motor. You can reach a top speed of up to 25 km/h with electric assistance – any faster, and the motor will stop helping you.

There are some e-bikes that have the capability to go faster than the maximum speed, but electric bike speed limits are bound by local road safety regulation laws that state that you cannot go beyond this riding speed of 25 km/h with the assistance of a motor, although this may vary according to where you are in the world. Going above this speed without the assistance of a motor does not, however, classify as illegal riding under local regulation.

What Are You Using AKEZ Electric Bikes for?


Those of you that are sick of public transport but do not exactly want a car or motorbike can use AKEZ e-bikes as a compromise for traveling to your work or college. AKEZ electric bikes are much more eco-friendly and cheaper than cars and other road vehicles.

Keep in mind that you need to be aware of the conditions you will be riding in. If you live in an area prone to rain, for example, then you should be aware that not all AKEZ e-bikes are water-resistant. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are purchasing one that is water-resistant, such as the AKEZ Electric Bike for Adults or the AKEZ Snow Motorized Bicycle Road Electric Bike.

ebike cruiser

Recreational or Sporting

APEZ has a range of mountain electric bikes that have been specifically designed to handle steep hills, dirt tracks, and rough terrain and come with full suspension and hardtail features to accommodate. The AKEZ 007 36V Electric Mountain Bicycle Road E-Bike is one of the many options available for recreational or sporting activities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying AKEZ Electric Products


  • Much easier to ride than a standard bike.

  • Can handle a wide variety of terrains for off-road function.

  • Offers various levels of assistance, in addition to a four and five pedal assist setting that most bikes don't offer.

  • A cyclist can be novice or experienced; the AKEZ electric bikes are designed with all types of riders in mind, even those that are not athletic or fit.

  • Eco-friendly reminder, AKEZ is a brand committed to providing a wide range of e-bike options while still maintaining environmentally friendly practices.

  • Promotes healthy living.

  • Comes equipped with battery status and speed display.

  • Five to six-hour fast charging time, providing up to 60km traveling distance in one charge.

  • Ergonomic handlebars, adjustable seat design, and dual disc brakes.


  • Requires semi-regular maintenance services.

  • Not all models are rain-resistant; however, the AKEZ Electric Bike for Adults 26-inch has an IP45 waterproof design.

  • Batteries are not integrated into the aluminum alloy frame, making it a lot more cumbersome to haul a dead battery back home than with other electric bikes.

  • Not as fast as other electric bikes and doesn't reach the high speeds that other electric bikes can attain.

Are AKEZ Electric Bikes the Cream of the Crop?

All in all, AKEZ offers some pretty decent electric bikes providing users with a good riding experience, strong acceleration, and even stronger breaking. Due to the affordability of these bikes, it makes for a perfect gift for students needing a mode of transport to get to college and back or for a first-time purchase for adults who are new to the whole electric bike scene and want to get accustomed to the electric bike way of life.

AKEZ electric bikes are reliable and easy to use, and given how well-made these electric bikes are, the price is also quite reasonable. The brand's wide range of models also provides a viable option for almost everyone. If you happen to be roaming the market for your very own electric bike, you should most definitely consider purchasing an AKEZ electric bike for yourself.

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