A Review Of The Popular VALK Electric Bike Range

VALK Electric Bikes Summary (Quick Stats)

If you don't have time to read the full article, I created this quick summary.

The increase in popularity of the VALK electric bike range is no accident. Their robust design, quality components and value for money make them a great choice for the first time ebike purchaser, or those wanting to upgrade or switch. (Check the full range here).

Overall Rating: 4.8/5 stars




PRICE (at time of writing)

$819 – 1729

This quick review of the VALK electric bike range discusses its features, advantages, disadvantages, and aesthetics.

Read on because we're unveiling the reasons behind the soaring popularity of the VALK electric bike range in Australia.

We took a look at what to consider when understanding this bike. From our experience, it's certainly on of the top tier options in Australia. Our team felt it's certainly has the quality and features you'd want in a top tier ebike.

There is a vast selection of electric bicycles on the e-bike market scrupulously designed with high-quality parts. See our NCM Prague review for example. These e-bikes can be found in every online store from Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay, but that is where Valk stepped it up a notch and started selling to local Aussie retailers.

The company has included some excellent components for the price, making this a noteworthy electric bike.

Below are some of the high-grade parts attached to these e-bikes:

  • Lightweight 6061 alloy frame
  • Cable disk brakes
  • Shimano SIS-index series seven-speed gears
  • LED headlight powered from main battery
  • Easily removable 36V 8.8ah Li-ion Battery
  • 250w rear-drive electric bike motor

It's clear to see that you receive high-quality components that provide optimal performance and can last you for years.

Valk electric bikes come in a large box and do require some assembly. All the cables are already installed, so it's just a matter of installing pedals, handlebars, seats, and rims. That is a standard procedure for all bikes that are sold through online channels, such as Amazon. You can also fit a phone of GPS holder such as the Quad Lock sytstem.

Every tool needed to build the electric bike is included in the package, but it doesn't hurt to use your tool kit. Sometimes, instruments that come with these bikes can be a little finicky, so having your tool kit ready is a recommendation.

Charging the 36v 8.8Ah battery is recommended before installing it into the bike. Its battery comes precharged at around 50%, but don't get too excited just yet. Depending on the battery level, it can take anywhere between two to eight hours, so why not plug it in while you are busy building your bike? Also see our article on solar charging an ebike and a review of the Phoenix e bike.

On average, the total time to build a Valk e-bike is around 20 to 30 minutes, and it only takes a few steps to complete the assembly.

The battery feature lock secures the battery to the bike with a key so that nobody can tamper with it or steal it. Another great thing about the battery is that charging can take place on or off of the e-bike.

See our article on the best ebike conversion kits. and also our AKEZ electric bike review.

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Riding on Bike Paths

E-bikes have three modes of driving, including manual pedal only, pedal-assist, and throttle assist. Pedal-assist and manual pedal only usually are available in the budget models exclusively, and that is why we love that the Valk includes throttle assist.

People who ride motorbikes love the bike for this model's natural right-handed throttle control, which operates fluently.

The bike comes with a 250w electric motor and an 8.8Ah battery that gives you around one hour of use at around 7Ah. When the battery is fully charged, you can get over two hours with pedal-assist activated, which is close to travelling 42km on bike paths in the countryside. Of course, there are many variables to consider, such as drag, gradient, and rider weight.

How to Charge Valk Electric Bikes

These e-bikes batteries are made from the latest lithium-ion technology and can be charged up from total depletion within eight hours. While battery charging, it is imperative to keep the charger and battery pack out of the sun. When it's plugged in, it tends to generate a lot of heat, so keeping it in a cool place is essential if you want it to last.

You can see the light go from red to green to determine whether it's fully charged or not. The lithium 19650 battery has an 800-life cycle count, which means you are going to see less run time and a lower capacity after the recommended number of charges.

If you end up charging your electric bike once a week, you should be able to get around 14 years of use out of its battery. Now, that is a splendid enough reason to purchase this Valk bike for ladies.

What's great about the Valk women's e-bike is that the charger is compatible with other Valk men's electric bikes.

valk replacement battery

What's in the Box?

  • Red battery-powered red light
  • Rear pannier rack
  • Tyre repair kit
  • Multifunction tool
  • 2x Security keys
  • Battery charger
  • Saddlebag

Torque Settings

  • Brake callipers bolts: 7Nm
  • Pedals: 35Nm
  • Handlebar neck bolt: 15Nm
  • Handlebar stem bolt: 24Nm
  • Handlebar clamp bolt: 10Nm
  • Front and rear axle nut: 35Nm

Why Aren't There Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and How Do Shocks Work?

The reason why there is no hydraulic disc brake is simple; it helps keep the cost down. The bike does, however, include a single cable pull, which does work rather effectively. The brakes should not make you give this bike a bad review, and it still has some profound braking power. Its brakes help to stop the electric motorcycle in time and give it agile handling. The wheel shock quickly absorbs humps and bumps, surviving even the most savage urban potholes.

It has a short wheelbase geometry that sits well within the frame material to provide a unique solution for serious control. The forepart of the bicycle consists of a front XDT shock and XDT front forks presenting unlimited potential to the person riding this great bike.

Understanding the Speed Controller

The brain of this bicycle is the e-bike speed controller. It assists in controlling the amount of power sent to the rear motor. There are three levels, including low, medium, and high to suit any terrain or riding situation. Five red LED lights are handy battery level indicators, so you always know when it is almost time to charge your bike.

On this Valk model, you have the option of either throttle speed or pedal assist control. Throttle assist powers the electric bike just like a motorcycle, which is excellent if you already know how to ride a scooter or road bike.

Pedal-assist, on the other hand, only speeds up the e-bike when you are peddling. No speed dial is found on the speed controller, but it runs fast at its top speed.

Depending on the level of pedal assistance you may need, there are three different power options available. Most people like the maximum power, so they turn it right up, but be warned that it drains the lithium-ion battery much faster.

Changing between throttle assist and peddle-assist is as easy as pressing the M button a few times until the speed controller's light switches off.

Suppose you wish to activate the bike's front light; press the M button for three seconds until it has switched on. To deactivate it, just press and hold the same button for another three seconds. The headlight switch is a convenient feature added to this already awesome product.

These electric bikes are governed for a maximum of 26km/h and have a 250w motor with a maximum rating. That means that these vehicles are legal in Australia, though you should consider reading some information regarding e-bike laws to find out more.

Valk Ladies Electric Bike Specs

  • Model: Vista
  • Brand: Valk
  • Type: Ladies step-through
  • Tires: Hybrid 26×1.75.”
  • Power: 250 W
  • Battery: 36V/8.8Ah Lithium-ion removable battery pack
  • Max Assisted Speed: 25km/h
  • Frame material: lightweight 6061 alloy frame

Are Valk Electric Bikes Worth It?

Valk has been making e-bikes for a few years, and all models from its factory are meticulously manufactured. The company knows what it's doing when designing quality and well-balanced bicycles that can be used on a weekly commute. With over seven years of selling its products to the public, it has proven reliable and trustworthy in nature.

The power assistance level is nothing short of perfect on both the men's and women's models. What's excellent about Valk bicycles is that they can save you from public transport fares and have serious power. The brushless motor means that there are considerably fewer pedalling efforts needed on the weekend ride.

It has exceptional stopping power from the rear disc brakes and a high-performance Velo saddle, perfect for technical single trails or night riding. Don't let the fact that it doesn't have rear hydraulic disc brakes scare you away, as the stopping power is sufficient.

The distance and battery charge ratio are excellent because you can get over 40km from the drive system on a single charge.

Who Makes Valk Electric Bikes?

The Valk electric bicycle is made in PRC. In other words, it's made in China, but that doesn't mean you can't trust the quality. These bicycles are excellently manufactured to deliver an E-MTB experience like no other.

It's the first e-bike that is equally adept at handling rough terrain, just like more expensive models. A lot of customer praise has honoured the true synergy of the components used in the electric bike.

best dual suspension ebike

Advantages and Disadvantages

This women's electric bike is built tough. Its alloy 6061 frame and rims are what make this a light electric motorcycle for everyday use. The large disc brakes are reactive, but the problem is that it wears down quickly. Typically, more expensive models would have a slightly better braking system, such as a hydraulic disc brake system.

The battery pack of the electric bike is removable, so if you don't have power where you store the e-bike, you can take out the battery and charge it in the house.

One customer mentioned that they didn't like that there was only one headlight and no rear tail light, only red reflectors. However, a red battery-powered light is included in the package, but it would be better if it were hard-wired. You may either include no lights or both lights because riding at night with only a single headlight is illegal in Australia.

These additional problems could be resolved by adding extra parts from our bike shop, which might increase the price. It all depends on your budget and how much money you are willing to spend when purchasing a new bike.

Another thing to mention is that the tire tread is a little soft, so it is recommended to carry the included puncture repair kit provided in the package. Pumping your bike's tires to around 32 PSI can make for a nice, smooth, and enjoyable ride.

Currently, the Valk electric bike only comes in two colours: white and red. We do hope the company releases more colours in the future, to match various people's taste.

How Can I Get the Best Price on an Electric Bike?

Places like eBay and Amazon often have sales on electric bikes. You can subscribe to these companies and find out when the upcoming price drop is, and you might even receive some discount codes in the process.

Pop in at your local electric bike store and see if it can match an online price or ask for a discount. Many businesses can generally drop the price by 10% or more to move stock, especially when the customer pays cash.

A Great Bike Overall

Electric bikes have become the most popular trend in these recent times, so don't you think it's time to get out on the road and get some exercise? Even though the Valk electric bike's motor assists you in travelling, it is still an excellent way to get outdoors. There is no more struggling with strong headwinds when moving forward up a complex hill or down a winding MTB track. The XDT shocks make every ride smooth, and even significant bumps are handled with ease.

The company has a history of making great bikes, and you can't go wrong with the price and specification details of any model in its range.

Everything from the charger, battery, speed controller, and electric motors are interchangeable between models, making it great for family or friends who own the same electric bike brand.


If you are looking for a cheap lady e-bike, then look no further than this Valk model. It is an excellent purchase for someone who wants to get into mountain biking or take it on their next weekend ride. The adjustable front wheel shocks make the purchase even more worth it and give the user more customizability options.

Delivery of the bike takes only a few days from purchase, and it takes around 20 minutes to assemble once received. Many reviews praise the company for its great price and excellent components incorporated into this bicycle's build.

It's time to take control of your future by getting more active and enjoying the outdoors.

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