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A Review Of The Quad Lock Phone Mounts & Other Products

Quad Lock Review Summary (Quick Stats)

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If you haven't heard of Quad Lock, and you ride, you've probably been living under a rock. Secure mounting of phones and other accessories on bikes, cars, motorbikes and more. (Available at

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  • Can be used on bikes, cars, motorbikes, desks
  • Super sturdy and superior build quality
  • Amazing value for money

Quad Lock started out as a crowdfunded start-up that made phone mounts for bicyclists, and it's now an international name. This Melbourne-based company launched when iPhone was becoming popular and has expanded the product offerings to allow secure mounting for most motorbikes, bicycles, office desks, and inside the car.

If you have an active lifestyle and like to take your smartphone with you ohann journeys, Quad Lock could be the best choice. Of course, you should consider Quad Lock cases that easily mount to the system proficiently.

This review focuses on the top products on the market. That allows you to mount your phone to the bike. Easily talk to your friend or post to social media effortlessly while riding!

7 Best Quad Lock Products

There's more to the Quad Lock system than just a mount for a phone. Here are the seven best products offered by the brand:

Quad Lock Mounts

A mount from Quad Lock can hold your smartphone and even make it seem like a bike computer. Use it to keep track of how many miles you've gone or how many calories you've burned.

Some people use the mount to keep them connected with loved ones while they travel. Here are the top mounts available from this brand:

Pro Mount

The Pro mount is ideal for road bikes because it keeps your smartphone secure. There are multiple mounting options for your iPhone, based on what you like. Most people put it in the middle of the handlebar on one side, but you can switch things up if you prefer.

You also get zip ties and O-rings to hold the Quad Lock Pro Mount in place. Generally, the O-rings attach to the mount and your handlebars, but some people prefer zip ties because they feel stronger and more durable.

This product uses the patented dual-stage lock, so you can easily ride with confidence, even if you're jumping.

It's quick to attach and detach, as well. Twist and lock your phone into place while you ride. Simply pull down at the central collar, twisting the phone to get it back out!

These mounts have a sleek design and are 35mm wide and 23mm tall. Therefore, it fits onto the stem of your bike with ease. You can even bring a wireless charger with you and keep it in your backpack. Whenever you stop for a break (or to make camp), just plug it in so that it's ready for tomorrow's adventure!

Out Front Mount Pro

The Out Front Mount Pro from Quad Lock was the first in the system. You could easily attach it to the handlebar or stem of your bike, and it kept your phone “out front” so that you could use it while you rode.

In a sense, you don't have to look down as far to see the screen. It's a bit larger than previous versions, so it keeps the iPhone secure, even if you've got lights and other things on the stem.

Just remember that this is designed to keep the phone out front. Therefore, you can't reverse it to go over the stem and still access it.

The good news is you can customize your out-front mount by choosing levers in white, red, or black. One cool feature here is that you may reverse the lever position, which isn't possible with the brand's standard mount. If you're left-handed, you could have it stick out to the left, allowing you to press down with the ring and small fingers, grip the phone with your first two fingers and thumb, and slide out your smartphone easily.

Another advantage to the Pro version is that you can fit this mount with the “moto” wireless charging head. It went under a redesign, and it gives you a weatherproof way to fast-charge from a USB-C battery pack or dyno hub. This is ideal for long distances or bad-weather cycling.

Version 2 Mount

The Quad Lock Version 2 Mount is the improved version of the Pro out-front mount. The heads-up position gives you a better viewing angle on your phone, and it still comes with the aerodynamic design and dual-stage lock to keep the out-front mount secure on the handlebar. Again, it can't be put on the stem, but that's probably not what you're after anyway.

Continue using your phone on your road bike and access the touch screen anytime. It still offers different lever options, and it's suitable for all phone model types.

Bike mounts like this help you ride with confidence. You know your iPhone isn't likely to fall out while you're bouncing over bumps or riding fast. It doesn't matter what terrain you prefer!

As with the other out-front mount, this one lets you detach/attach quickly. Twist and lock your phone fast so that you can get onto the journey.

Version 4 Mount

The Quad Lock Car Mount (Version 4) works with any Quad Lock case and is one of the most stable and strongest options available. It has the same look as those you put on the handlebar, but you can access your iPhone in a vehicle without looking down at the screen and being a dangerous driver.

These mounts feature an industrial-strength suction cup and include a rigid body so that you can attach it easily to your windshield and use your phone whenever you want. Just use the special lever on the side to instantly attach or detach the mount to/from your windshield. It's even possible to get modern phones out fast and keep them secure while you drive over bumps.

Everyone appreciates the sleek design here. It uses a fully-adjustable swivel ball so that you can rotate it 360 degrees. Mount your phone the way you like it best (portrait or landscape).

It's just something you absolutely need if you travel long distances in your vehicle. In fact, it's like the ones for your bike, but it's designed specifically for a car!

Q/R Strap Mount

Quad Lock doesn't just focus on bike mounts; it even helps you take your smartphone with you while pushing your children in the pram or stroller. It works on a circular or edged handlebar and fits 20 to 38 mm spaces.

Keep your phone mounted on the buggy or cart using the patented locking mechanism. Just push down slightly and twist it into place. Press on the lever when you're ready to take out your iPhone to make a call or check-in with your family.

No review of the Quad Lock brand could be complete without talking about this fascinating product. You can easily check your phones' screen while you walk with your children or go shopping. It's perfect at stores that offer in-house coupons and deals. Scroll through your list with ease!

It's similar in design to the other products, but it features a band. Slip the Velcro strap around the bar in the best place, thread it through the D-ring, and tighten it until it's suitable for you.

Quad Lock Uni Adaptor V3

Before you can attach your iPhone to the Quad Lock mount, you need the special adaptor. It comes with the case, but some people might not want to buy a new one if they've already got one. Generally, it's best to choose the right accessories for what you're doing. The adaptor fits all phone mounts for your bike, allowing for smoother riding.

It features strong adhesion through the 3M VHB tape. Overall, it adheres directly to the back of your smartphone or case, allowing you to use the phone with the Quad Lock mount.

If you're focused on the cost of a new case, it might be wise to get this product. It still features the patented dual-stage lock so that you ride with confidence and know that your phone isn't going anywhere.

Everyone can appreciate the slim profile of the adaptor. It's only 4.5mm thick, so it fits onto the back of any phone or tablet. Plus, it's a necessity if you plan on using any of the mounts talked about here from the brand.

Did you get a mount as a gift and can't use it yet? This is the ideal option when you've already purchased a case for your phone and don't need or want another one. It's easy to set up with the instructions, and you're good to go!

Quad Lock Case

Whether you like the car holder mounts, the arm band, or the one that goes on your baby's stroller, you require a way to attach your phone to the mount and then to the bike or whatever you like. The Quad Lock case for iPhone is the perfect option here.

This phone case features the dual-stage lock, so it's easy to use and secure enough to hold up to 80 kg. You're sure to appreciate the protective and impact-resistant nature of the smartphone case. Though you should never throw it off a cliff or building, the thermoplastic polyurethane can withstand just about anything. It also features TPU all the way to the edge!

Everyone enjoys the sleek design of this phone case from Quad Lock. The soft-touch material and slim profile allow you to use it every day for any purpose. Keep it on a stand while working, shove it in your pocket while walking, and everything else.

If you don't already have a phone case, you know you need one to protect your investment. This option is durable and even works with the mount system from Quad Lock. You're covered no matter what you want to do or where you prefer to go!


You've probably got more questions about the Quad Lock brand. Yes, you've learned about the seven products available, but that might not answer every concern you have. These FAQs can help you understand more about the brand and its offerings to determine if it's the right choice for you.

What Are the Benefits of the Quad Lock System?

A Quad Lock car mount makes sense for many reasons. Let's take a brief look at them:

GPS Navigation

If you're like most people, you don't like putting your phone in your pocket. It could easily fall out while you're traveling and is hard to pull out when you need to see where you are.

With this system, you attach the phone mount to the bike so that you can see it while riding. In a sense, you lock it in place so that it can support the device, ensuring that you don't drop it.

Many of the mounts offer a lower profile, so they sit as close to flush with the handlebars as possible. This distributes the weight of the phone easily and doesn't bog you down while you're on the go.

Track and Share the Ride

Whether you're traveling for fun or training, you should be able to use the phone on the trail or road to track your performance. There are various apps to get stats and feedback so that you can share your progress with your friends.


Measuring performance and navigation are crucial and advantageous, but you should always have a cell phone with you for emergencies. You could get injured and can't support your weight while walking or riding.


If you're an avid rider and tend to be gone for many days while traveling, it's best to take along a portable phone charger. Keep the cable in your bag and plug it in when you stop to rest. That ensures your smartphone is always ready to share your trip on social media or get help with navigation.

Is Quad Lock Worth the Price?

If you like having your phone in front of you while you ride, a Quad Lock mount is crucial. You get more value when you use it for other purposes, too.

Yes, this bike mount is worth the price because it can lock your device in place and let you travel easily. You're not stopping all the time to take out your phone and find out where you are or using social media. It's there in front of you!

How Strong Is This Brand?

After using the Quad Lock ecosystem for a few months, you're sure to realize how strong this brand is. You can ride your bike just about anywhere and use the mount to take your phone with you.

It starts with the smartphone case, which is made of a durable material that's smooth but grippy. There's even a shock-absorbing edge to the shell to protect the phone if you drop it.

The back of the case is raised slightly, and the rim of the lock has four cut-outs to match the outer tabs on the mount. Just slide your phone into the mount before you start road riding, and you should be fine!

You're even allowed to turn the mount a few degrees to position it at the perfect place. It's easy to release from the mount, as well; just push the blue lever, rotate a little, and the phone comes out. Consider testing this theory in your home and on the carpet the first few times until you get the hang of it.

The brand itself claims that its products are strong enough to lift up to 160 pounds. You may probably never have to do that, but it's nice to know that they are so durable and sturdy!


Hopefully, this review has given you a few things to think about. Whether you're an athlete who likes to keep in touch with people or need a bike mount to help you navigate new areas, the Quad Lock brand has you covered!

Throughout the course of this review, you learned about different Quad Lock mount options. They're all designed to work out of the box, and many people prefer the out-front mount. It makes it easier to look at your iPhone without moving your whole head, but it might not be ideal for everyone.

If you're using your smartphone while pushing the kids in the stroller, an out-front model might not be ideal. The brand has many options, including an adaptor you can get for your current case. Choose the one that meets your needs, and you should have no trouble riding your bike, shopping, transporting the kids, and everything else.

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